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    writing and reading about pirates, dressing up as a pirate, watching pirate movies, and many more things (some that don't have anything to do with pirates).
  1. Dubuque Faire May 18-19

    Festival this weekend in Dubuque IA. While this is not a pirate festival, I am assured pirates are most welcome. I will be there, vending as Ladies in Scarlet:Piratical Art and Accessories. Info at
  2. a new pirate

    Ahoy Miles! Welcome to the Pub!
  3. Well, it's good ta be back. Pour me a drink, will ye?

    1. Jib


      Here is tankard of cider Red Bess! Enjoy and I'll see you in a mere 2 months.

    2. 1stMate Matt

      1stMate Matt

      I am not the first but I will tip a few with you!

  4. Well, it's good to be back. Pour me a drink, will ye?

  5. Port Washington Pirate Festival, June 1-3 2012

    Well, Jib, you can count on Sea Rover and I being at PW this year.
  6. SteamPunk Con - Teslacon - Madison, WI

    Well, then, I hope you'll be Finding Nemo.
  7. Port Washington Pirate Festival - 2011

    I shall be there - primarily in the Thieves Marketplace. Stop by our "Ladies in Scarlet" booth and say ahoy!
  8. PotC 4

    Well, that may be, but I guess I didn't find them any more interesting or threatening than any other big thug. But you are right -- it would have been much worse to have them stumbling about moaning "brains...brains..."
  9. PotC 4

    It's hard to be critical when I'm so fond of the subject matter. I really loved every minute of it. But here's my winner/loser list: Winners: 1. Mermaids. They were a bit more vicious than I was expecting. I've always imagined mermaids as more seductive and less hissing vampire-ish, but they still kicked fin. 2. Jack and Barbossa. Same as it ever was. The boys were back in town. 3. Ian McShane. I'm not completely sold on why Blackbeard had to be there with all these fantasy characters, but he was an excellent Blackbeard. Losers: 1. Zombies. Those weren't zombies. Period. That was a cheap marketing trick to cash in on the zombie craze. 2. Penelope Cruz. She didn't suck, but I don't need to see her again. 3. Wow. I can't think of a 3rd loser. Mostly I was just disappointed in the zombies. OK, I'm going to get some sleep and then see who wants to go to the movies with me again tomorrow night.
  10. Port Washington Pirate Festival June 3-5, 2011 - I will be there this year!

    1. LadyBarbossa


      HUZZAH! Ditto, lass! Shall look forward t' seein' thee and yo'r family! ~Lady B

  11. Happy Birthday Silkie!

    Happy birthday, lass! Hope ye had a grand day!
  12. MNRF opens this weekend - I'll be there. Will you?

  13. The Fool's Gold will be raiding Bristol Faire July 24-25 - grab yer cutlass and join us!

  14. Port Washington was good a time!

    I'm so glad it went well -- and that the weather cooperated! I've been afraid that one more bad year might sink the whole thing, but it sounds like it's still going strong. Man, I wish I could have been there.
  15. Port Wash 2010

    Absolutely, Jib! Several times, I should hope! PWPF was just at a bad time this year -- school isn't out yet, my son is in a play that opens this weekend, plus he has fundraiser Saturday, and Sea Rover and myself were both having trouble getting off work. And, as you know, The Fool's Gold weren't to be active participants in the Festival as before. Still, I will certainly miss going -- have a good time and have a pint for me, mate!