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  1. The "Oderlesseye" Song

  2. You in yar garb.

    Looks awesome! (but hot)
  3. PIP Update!

    Many, many thanks to all those pirates that called last night! Especially to William for organizing the call.
  4. In the market for a Cutlass

    I had Matt make a custom sword for me earlier this year. Mine is not sharp by choice. Matt was great to deal with and I am in love with my new sword!
  5. new waistcoats

    very nice work. Let's see the whole kit together.
  6. Hey Chris, I'd be interested in the pics and/or plans. Thanks, Scott
  7. Pirate Trading Cards

    Received mine yesterday. Great work everyone! Thanks Michael for driving.
  8. Slops and brocade waistcoat

    Received my justaucorps made by Mr. McMac. Fine workmanship as always. And he was great in getting it to me in time for an event even when his sewing machine was broken. I highly recommend him!

    Happy birthday to ye Eye!
  10. Happy Birthday, Gertie!

    Happy birthday Gertie!
  11. Earthquake in Baja - 6.9!

    There have been about 20+ small magnitude (but 4.0 or bigger) up the San Andreas Fault this afternoon. What a crazy day here is So Cal.
  12. Pirate Trading Cards

    Usually better to wait until everyone has received their cards from Michael. That way we can all be surprised with what we receive. But Yes, after that it is great to share.
  13. j8ksdad's new cutlass

    My son and I practice with wood swords and LARP (foam covered PVC pipe) all the time. Now he wants a steel one because it isn't sharp and he likes the sound. I think I would end up getting hurt somewhere alone the line.
  14. j8ksdad's new cutlass

    Will do. Thanks again Matt for a beautiful piece of art.