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    Yo-ho-ho and a three year old thread. I was just about to head out the door to get my Southern Cross (The Australian Flag one, not the Eureka one) inked into me (Is it original? Hell no, but it's all very patriotic to me, and while I've never managed to actually navigate without a compass, I can always lie and say I use it to find my way) and I figured I'd drop back to this ancient haunt of mine to ask if there was any lore I needed to know about where a tattoo ought to be placed? Is Pynch still around? Yes? No? Anyone else who might know?
  2. Women in the Workplace

    That's never shut me up before
  3. Women in the Workplace

    I won't deny that women in management may have a positive effect on the workplace I won't confirm that they do either. I simply wouldn't know, I have never worked under a female employer. But lists like these -Women executives are more likely to consult with others - experts, employees and fellow business owners - when developing strategies. -Women executives have a greater natural tendency to deal comfortably with multitasking. -Women executives have fewer competitive tendencies and often seek a cooperative approach. -Women executives tend to focus on the big picture when making important business decisions or developing strategies. -Women executives stress relationship building as well as fact gathering. -Women executives are more likely to talk through business approaches and incorporate the ideas of others before making final decisions. Are A ) Falling into that category of bullshit generalisations. and B ) Make me suspect the author has yet to speak to a woman.
  4. W.A.G.-word association game

    My way (That's you on top and me with a bottle! Harr! )
  5. Axes

    Ayeah? There be no denying it, I approve of axes wholeheartedly. But I been bloody framed I have! I dinnae make this thread? wassa going on here? There be wickedness afoot, Where be that site administrator? I'll have his legs!
  6. How Do You FEEL Now?

    Harr! It be spring! the birds be chirping (too damn bloody early mind you!) The sun be shining (that's a bloody lie! damnable rain! Arr! ) I been out on yonder lake, Harr! Arr But I got's the Hay-fever. I been drinking my Scurvy-be-gone (aka. V8 Juice), I've been eating me greens, I been cooking my meat right through and the bloody butterflies gets me! Arr! I'll not be thwarted by Nature! Harr!
  7. Re-enactor or Entertainer

    Ach Damn I was nigh tempted to press on thar one with those big bloody words! Experimental Anthropologist. I just knows it means something dirty! I be a bloody entertainer I am! Aye, even by bloody death (Hah! they'll nay ever catch me!) will be a bloody spectacle! everyone loves a hangin'!
  8. Looking for a Pirates hat

    I can nae read, so I'd be guessing if I said I knew what lies these lot be feeding you. Ye gots ta get yeself some good plain hats (Rabbit felt makes for good 'uns) And do tha customisin' with yer own bleeding hands! Go wrangle a parrot for some of them purty feathers, then go cut a wee strip of hide off of a shark or other fearsome beast for other decorations. Go find some roadkill Don't eat it ya goon! Get some o' them maggoty whatsits to eat off all that tasty flesh, and adorn ye new hat (and anything else you've got) with bird/small mammal skulls. Money can't buy that kind of deco, and they sure make for a good talking point (and a chance to tell some bloody mighty lies! )
  9. Axes

    He be damned right! Cutlass be for, well, the bloody Lasses! Nothing says stinking, cheating, rotten, no good PIRATE! like a good axe! Ye smack that down in front of ye enemies nose and they knows you means business! Eh Aye. They also open canned food in a spectacular fashion
  10. PIRATES! The game!

    Do they still make/sell this Pirates of the Crimson Coast? p'raps i'll look for it.
  11. W.A.G.-word association game

    Well, bugger me, I'm listening to Weird Al. and the word is...Glock.
  12. Traditional GAOP Frock Coats ?

    Criminy, that one from LeatherWorks sets all kinds of avaricious fires alight within me. though at $770.00 (that's about $1200.00 down here) it's more than every other piece of clothing I own, this computer and all my books put together. And someone who DID have that kind of money just laying around probably wouldn't have the taste to wear it!
  13. PIRATES! The game!

    I only mentioned monopoly in that money is involved. Also, does anyone know any good 'sailing' rules? Perhaps this should be moved to Rabble Rousing, it would get more input and become more of a board project. Edit: so the board is a grid, with pretty little pictures of islands and whatnot on it. you have a Ship. (for experimental purposes, I'm using my little boats from the Regatta board game) I'm only early in my pirating career, so it's a wee little ship, some sort of sloop perhaps. it has 8 12lb guns (4 to a side) which, for the moment have a range of 1-6 grid-squares. (you roll each time you fire) and do 1-6 damage (again, roll each time you fire) and my wee little boaty can take, oh, 100 hits? that is, it would take a minimum of 17 hits at full damage from a 12lb to sink it. or 9 hits from 18lb(2 dice). or 6 from 24lb.(3 dice) that seems fair enough? And i've still got to figure out Moving, and how to do Boardings. Edit 2: I'm figuring to have around 10 possible ships. from brigs to mighty frigates.. Edit 2a: does anyone have a copy of Risk rules they can be bothered to type out?
  14. PIRATES! The game!

    I'm considering making a table-top pirate game. I say "considering" because I'm infamous for rarely ever finishing these projects. Does anyone remember the board game 'Risk'?, I'm thinking along those lines, but with ships and so on... If anyone has any ideas or other input, that would be grand. And if I do actually make it, I'll write it all up so you can print it off and play it with your kiddies or if you havn't got any, make it a drinking game, every time you sink a frenchman have some rum. (or a bacardi, if you're one of *those* people) Edit: forget I mentioned Risk. think more like monopoly, you start with some money, buy some ships, kill some things, get more ships, until everyone but you is dead. Riskopoly.
  15. W.A.G.-word association game