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  1. Ahoy

    (raises tankard) nice ta 'ave ye abord lad!
  2. Yo ho ho

    welcome on board lad .. now belay that spinnaker line would ye!?
  3. On this day in history...

    loud applause
  4. I be new here

    welcome lad .. hope ye brought plenty o fine dark.. we be a thirsty lot
  5. a new pirate

    aye lad ~ and ye be on last dog watch so only one gill fer ye!
  6. Just Sailed In

    (tips hat) glad ta have ye lad ..hope ya brought some rhum!
  7. I be new to the pub

    welcome aboard lad ( tips hat )
  8. A new line of guns soon to be available

    gadzooks! tis quite nice indeed
  9. What are you reading right now ?

    rereading "King of the Pirates " by a lad name o Fox
  10. hampton blackbeard festival 2012, june 1-3

    Dutch ~Grace~ Pern ~ Everybody involved with Festival ----> THANK YOU!!! you worked tirelessly for our enjoyment Before AND After that twister and made Blackbeards 2012 an Awesome memory
  11. give kilo kai a try won be sorry
  12. The making of a sword for one of me mates (Many Pictures)

    (whistles) that's purrrrrrdee!
  13. Going Baroque

    ahh..thee delinquent miners .. great blue grass trio says i
  14. Tsunami Kate

    huh? ..what? sorry ..i was mesmerized no ..seriously hehe~ i agrees lad ..nuttin' like a fire .....'cept a fire and a marshmellow soaked in rhum
  15. Now taking PRE-ORDERS on new SWORDS!

    Oi Nathaniel ~ could ye divulge thee sizes on yer smallsword?