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  1. I'll have yer guts fer garters!

    I'm terrible with pricing! I've been told a good general starting point, is 3 times the cost of materials adjusting for time, and your market. I've found that us reenactors are generally low on cash (I have no idea how that happens... LOL) so in the end I never know what to charge. But they are very lovely, and I'm sure you will price them fairly. :-)
  2. my (unfinished) kit

    I got a huge spool of 16/2 linen thread from WM. Booth Draper that has been excellent for eyelets. I got the bigg'un (1345 yards) and haven't made a dent in the thing. Definitely recommend it. And Mr. Adam, your eyelets do look lovely.
  3. I'll have yer guts fer garters!

    I likes. :-) nice works
  4. Help with Gift for the Misses

    When do you need them?
  5. needs to start wearing her neckerchief everyday... I'm already burned.

  6. two lines means... oh bugger

  7. Pen pals...

    Oh my.... Well, doesn't that look fun. Thank you for posting.... and I will read it when I don't already have a horrible headache. :-P
  8. My Sister's gonna be a Mommy!!!!!

    Awwww! Congratulations to your sister and her husband. And to you as well for becoming an uncle!
  9. Half Moon Marauders

    UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The contact info for the Half Moon Marauders has changed... If you are interested in our crew for any reason, please contact myself, Lady (Ashley) Brower at, or visit us on facebook at Thanks!
  10. Babies!

    Salty, your input is very much appreciated! I didn't even consider the hanging basket to keep baby happy and out of the fire harms way. Surprisingly, I am less concerned about "germs" in PC cam than I am on the road getting there (public rest rooms, ew!). <br>
  11. Babies!

    I'm in agreement, but I figured it would be an interesting conversation. I can't be the ONLY reenactor thinking about babies.
  12. Babies!

  13. Babies!

    That about sums the whole thing up IMO. Babies are probably the closer in character to their 17th c. counterparts than anyone else in an encampment. hehe. yes! And what kind of 17th/ 18th century wife would I be if I wasn't popping out babies? :-P But Patrick raises a good point... How do other reenactors feel about babies and (young) children in camp? I know it can be hard enough justifying women in a "pirate" camp, what about the offspring? And the crying? :-P Be honest people!
  14. jumps are done excepting eyelet holes.....

    ooooh I get it. :-P