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  1. The Sack of St. Augustine: Robert Searles Raid of 1668

    For those who are interested in attending we send out information via email in the months leading up to the event, I may have some of your emails already (have you received anything from Searles??). If you are not on our mailing list and would like to be please email me at And I'll add you to our contact list. Some of you may have provided your email at recent event registration but if you have received anything in the past year please email me again to make sure I have the right address!
  2. The Sack of St. Augustine: Robert Searles Raid of 1668

    Your services are always appreciated DB, will see you there!
  3. Download the 2012 Flyer Download Large Format 11x17 Poster In 1668 Capt. Robert Searle and his privateers sailed from Jamaica to loot the silver ingots held in the royal coffers at St. Augustine. Under cover of night, they slipped into the harbor and attacked the sleeping town... We are always looking for new recruits to portray townspeople, garrison soldiers, Native Americans, and buccaneers! Our focus is on an accurate historical impression, using correct materials, styles, and equipment. You need not be a historian, actor, or military enthusiast to participate. WARNING ORDER The 13th annual, historical re-enactment of The Sack of St. Augustine: Capt. Robert Searle's Raid of 1668 will take place March 3rd-6th 2011, in St. Augustine, Florida. Camp setup will begin on Thursday March 3rd after 12pm at The Fountain of Youth Park. The battle in downtown St Augustine will be held on Saturday March the 5th at 5pm, starting in the city Plaza and ending at the Spanish redoubt located across from the Castillo de San Marcos. PLEASE NOTE: · This Event is a historical re-enactment. Historically accurate garb and gear are required to participate in this Event. Please contact Jeff Johnson or William Kunze to let us know that you are or any of your crewe will be joining us for the festivities .No "skull and crossbone's" will be allowed. Not on Flags, clothing, or gear of any kind. There is no historical evidence of these standards flown in this time period. · English buccaneers and Spanish soldados - musketeers are needed! Matchlock, snaphaunce ,doglock, and miquelet muskets will be accepted. Queen Anne pistols will be allowed. Research shows them being used as early as 1660. · Native Americanre-enactors, doing Timucua, Apalachee, and Guale, are especially welcome! · If you are a sutler and interested in selling period correct items at this Event, please contact me asap at There are no sutler fees! · The Fountain of Youth Park has just completed a new addition to the park; a restroom and shower facility! For more information about the event please visit our website at:
  4. Drakes Raid 2010 is upon us!

    A hearty thank you to all who managed to make this event, not to mention brave the record temperatures (106 degrees!!). Please take note that 2011 will mark the 25th anniversary of the Reenactment of Drake's Raid and we hope to have a large turnout to mark this occasion. Here's a few pictures: Enjoy! Captain William Drake's Men
  5. Drakes Raid 2010 is upon us!

    Greetings All - just wanted to post an additional annoucment for the upcoming event. We look forward to seeing you there! \ " Truly, Sir Francis Drake is a fearful man to the King of Spain!" -- William Cecil, Lord Burghley, 1585 GREETINGS to all you Elizabethan Sea Dogs, from the Cpt. and crew of Drake's Men. Once again, Sir Francis Drake will take and burn the Spanish settlement of St. Augustine in La Florida. Set up for the event begins at 12:oo PM on June 3rd at the Fountain of Youth Park in St. Augustine Florida. Please be aware – the appropriate 16th century attire and camp equipment is required. Contact: Captain William Kunze: Leftenant Jeff Johnson:
  6. Drakes Raid ,St Augustine

    Elizabeth Neily, (, has posted a great video of this years Drake's Raid 2009. Check it out!
  7. Searle's Raid

    Greetings to All! For those who had questions on clothes please find attached some patterns,links to sutlers and also a link where you may purchase patterns. Also, instructions for patterns are below. If you have questions feel free to PM or email myself or Sgt. Johnson. More information and an event flyer will be forthcoming with all pertinent information. This year we have the privilege of camping in the Spanish Quarter, a 18th century colonial restoration area located directly on A1A and across from the Castillo de San Marcos, the only 17th century stone fortification in the U.S. which was coincidentally built because of this very pirate raid. Spanish Quarter: Castillo Website: Perhaps more pertinent, located to the rear of the encampment – Taberna del Gallo - The tavern is a re-creation of a 1734 public house, based on one of the forty actual taverns that operated during the colonial era of this city. The Taberna del Gallo is a functioning establishment, staffed by period re-enactors. They serve both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, but do not have a food menu. A meet and greet will be held here on Friday, March 6th 2009. --------- * the following are early 17th century patterns for English Civil War - they are suitable for this event 17th century soldier shirt 17th century soldier pants 17th century soldier coat page 1 17th century soldier coat page2 PATTERN INSTRUCTIONS Instructions for Buffcoat Pattern For Buffcoat use 5 oz. leather of a light brown color, rough side out. No sleeves, but a 2-3" collar may be added. All seams are to be butt stitched. The Buffcoat is to be secured closed with one continues brown leather thong laced down the front and not with individual ties. CAUTION: First draw out a pattern and construct it out of stout fabric to insure proper fit before cutting your leather. Instructions For Snapsack For snapsack use 3 or 4 oz light brown leather, rough side out OR canvas. After folding and sewing turn inside out leaving both ends open, to be lashed shut. For lashing use only linen or cotton cord. For the sling use 1" wide, 6-7 oz belt leather or canvas. LINKS TO PATTERNS AND SUTLERS;d=36&q=1