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  1. Things overheard at FTPI 2014

    Some of us don't do Facebook and have to visit Fort Taylor vicariously through the Pub ..... how was the event this year? No surgeons journal, no photos no after action reports .... nothing. Bummer.
  2. Waterproofing Tent Canvas

    I used to use a waterproofer called Preservo, specifically for canvas ..... It's parafin dissolved in mineral spirits. I found it at a sign shop that made awnings and such. I would check at a marina that handles sailboat canvas. It came in gallon cans and you paint it on and give time for the mineral spirits to evaporate. It kinda smells like mineral sprits forever but it's not unbearable and it is a technique that goes back quite a long time.
  3. Some New Stuff!!

    The aforementioned boots are gone now.
  4. Some New Stuff!!

    I'll be posting photos in the next day or so of some new sword baldrics. Also have made some skirt hangers for the ladies to keep their hems outta the mud, or just look more fetching.
  5. Some New Stuff!!

    Just thought I'd poke my head in here and say ahoy all. Guess I shoulda put some pics of the boots up here. Try to get to it soon.
  6. Some New Stuff!!

    Wow it's been awhile since I posted anything here been busy as can be. I came across some really nice boots yesterday. They are white "Storm Trooper" boots, they can be dyed black for our uses. These are quite servicable shoes and come from the prop dept surplus bin. I have 2 pair, a 12-1/2 wide and an 11. There are also 2 pair of short "bootees" in black with elastic side panels "tie fighter pilot" shoes or Steam Punk Victorian Era Civilian shoes sizes 12 & 12-1/2 both wide I'll take $50.00 a pair and pay the shipping. I'll post photos if any interest.
  7. Happy Birthday Mr. Bagley

    WOW! Happy Beerthday Mike. Relax 40 is the new .... hahahahaha, who're we kidding 40 is still 40!! I'll type it bigger so ye can see it without spectacles!!

    Tonight we're gonna p-arrrrrr-ty like it's 1699!! RUM PUNCH AN' GROG ALL ROUND! In spite of it all let's have a great new year!
  9. Merry Christmas to All!!

    Good Tide-ings to all! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Let's hope 2013 is a good one. Break open another Barrel O' Spirits .... Drinks all 'round on Me! BTW, Happy late B-Days to all the Decembers.
  10. sutler or pyrate

    Mr. Hook, As I seem to resemble your remark, Sir, you did get all the stuff you ordered from me, didn't you? Mr. Silver, as a Sutler who tries to get stuff done & delivered on time .... I hate to hear that others aren't as diligent. Good Luck to you ... Mr. Cross I'm still waiting to hear from you!!
  11. Sailing the Cyber Seas...

    Hi Syren glad to see yer back in the Pub ..... Ye been keepin' yer Trident sharp, I trust.
  12. Happy Birthday Cascabel

    Hope it was a Happy Birthday and that you didn't go off "half cocked" !!
  13. Tartan Jack's Birthday

    Happy Late Birthday! Hope it was good one.
  14. Surf's Up!

    To all the South and South Western Florida friends ..... make a bowl o' rum punch and settle in for a bit of a blow!! To everybody in the Keys, loosen the storm moorings and fuel the generators. Southwest Friends, I think y'all will be OK, just put the TV up on blocks and break out the sandbags ... Those of us in Central Florida ..... no real excitement just business as usual ..... a few squall lines -n- feeder bands. Looks like L. A.* & the Panhandle are gonna take the brunt of this one. Above all be safe and take care of yourselves. Probably makes Mr. Redwake happy that he's in the mountains for once. *Lower Alabama
  15. Surf's Up!

    I'm ready to head to work now, too. Just saw the weather channael and it looks like the thing will get just past the Keys as a tropical storm and then "wind up" in the Gulf heading for LA or MS & AL ..... batten down on the upper Gulf Coast!! Swab ,,, your boat's in Florida Bay, right? The wind will push out all the water and you'll be aground ?!? Hurricane Party in the Keys ..... be safe you guys. Cap'n Jim the pic you posted looks like a bowl of spaghetti .... we've already had a little band come over us in Western Polk County this morn ..... most likely be drivin' home in squally crap tonite on the way home from "Fantasy Land". Magic Kingdom has "extra magic hours" til 1 am in the morn! Business as usual!

    Happy Birthday Fayma!! We sure have missed ya at the Pub ..... Hope this Birthday finds you (and Poppa) well. DRINKS ON ME, RUM PUNCH ALL ROUND!!!
  17. Happ Birthday Poppa Ratsey

    Happy Birthday Poppa!! Hope you're feeling better, you have a good nurse!! Nurse get this guy a shot ............ ........... a shot O' Rum!!!
  18. hampton blackbeard festival 2012, june 1-3

    So glad to see everyone is safe ..... we saw on the news about the weather in Hampton ..... no mention about the encampment ..... my 1st thought was about y'all. I can relate to the experience as a multi-year campaigner meself. You are all so fortunate.
  19. If anyone feels they want try the stuff we can get it in the Caribe Markets, here in the Orlando area, by the ton! We can get cassava bread pre-made, I'm not sure about the flour .... but if I look that's probably available too. I work with many people who grew up in the Islands. One of my Haitian co-workers was reading over my shoulder (Buccaneers Realm) and filled me in on what they were taught in school about the "Flibustiers", (Filibusters in English). He called them "Forest People" and said they were "very bad men".
  20. Trailer options

    I know I'm jumping in on an old subject here .... but the season getting into gear so here's my 2 shillings .... Don't do a false floor, it's hard on the headroom, as Mike said. We were on the road for 40+ weeks a year with our 7'X14' 2 axle. I added a false wall for about 10' of the length of one side. With 3 shelves for poles, store fixtures and such. It's about 18" wide .... off the top of my head ..... the "wall" is 1/2" plywood. On the other side I put in more shelving the same width out from the wall for the trays of small stuff and some other display cases. There is still enough room in the middle for 1 cot and a walkway the other cot goes across the front. I built a large "chest" across the front wall of the trailer for bedding and other soft items .... it's built like a window seat & has 2 separate hinged lids. I've got space for all the poles shelves, racks, plastic boxes of merchandise a clothes rack across the front for hanging stuff and I don't have to stoop over when I'm inside. For the last year that we were on the road constantly, I got a marine battery and inverter and we ran a small flat screen and the computer as well as a fan and some lighting. Some of the comforts of home ...... a propane stove and a coffee pot and we were livin' it up. We saved a ton of money on motels by living in the trailer when were at events. Just my thoughts on the subject.
  21. Happy Beerthday to Ivan Henry!

    Oh Wow, I am sooo glad I didn't miss the chance to wish you Happy Birthday. Mike get 'im really drunk when ya see 'im! I especially wish there we a font for sarcastic on this one!
  22. I'm in "Hog Heaven" at the moment, my neighbor .... who's a hunter ..... gave me some wild pig ..... I've been smokin' a shoulder all mornin' and it's getting close enough to done that I'm able to start sampling ..... This might be better'n bacon!! Of course I'm not aiming to dry it out, we're having a mini pig roast here at the house, I have to mix up some RUM PUNCH to wash it down. I took the shoulder and covered it with Garlic Powder and Adobo, threw it on the smoker ..... fat side up..... with Mesquite charcoal and tossed on Oak logs cut to fit the fire box and let it go. We're roasting some yams and Acorn Squash to go with it ............ Joyous tidings ........ I found a bottle of Rum Punsh, that wasssss already mixxxed up .... Mistakenly thought it wassss Pussssserrr'sss until I tasted it!!!! Huzzah!!!!
  23. Happy B-day Capt. Bob

    Let me be the 1st to say Happy Birthday! Have some rum and maybe whack a couple of "unrulys" at the lie-barry! Everyone keep an one your flints ...... 'e's a known flintnapper!!
  24. Happy Birthday to Patrick Hand

    Happy Birthday Patrick! & Rum Drinks all'round!!
  25. Happy Birthday to Haunting Lily

    Happy Birthday Lily!