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  1. Where are we from?

    Portland,Oregon born n raised sailing the seas of desire :)
  2. Baggy britches

    I love my simple sailor's slops. loose,easy to make and not too bad looking. my favorite is the red velvet one
  3. Yup! You guessed it! Time fer another poll!

    thanx fer the welcome back,Pyrate! had to choose a few internet places to spend less time at. been doing some writing in my live journal and as delightful as this here pub be,I hadta pick where I spend my time. the LJ is a simple record of my fun and play time,which just happens to also be my job...and I do LOVE my job!
  4. Yup! You guessed it! Time fer another poll!

    Woo Hoo!!! Let's hear it for polyamoury. Nice to know there are others here Hawkyns ahoy there,Hawkyns, if a person has the capacity to overcome jealousy,then loving more than one is the most satisfying thing imaginable. we are five people living in two households (caring for 2 children) with much love and respect between us. and can't forget fun!...and five cats,one dog and lots of fish...hehehe what about you,Hawkyns?
  5. Yup! You guessed it! Time fer another poll!

    alright Black Jack, control is often a good thing,but I be losin some of that control to love AAAARRRRRRRRRRRR I'll be tellin maddy straight away that she be missed
  6. Yup! You guessed it! Time fer another poll!

    Well Well Well! I was wonderin' when you were gonna put yer two cents in.... How ya been Captn? BJS hiya cutie not been sailing these waters much lately. been busy with life and such. I am happy to say that I have made an alliance with Mad Maudlin McCrumb and her crew... our ships now sail together in sick and twisted ployamorous bliss life is just so good sometimes
  7. Yup! You guessed it! Time fer another poll!

    I think the sound of rattling chain is one of the most erotic sounds. I like to put me partner in leather cuffs (fur lined for wusses) and then clip the chain to em. there are just so many good positions to hook a lover in. ropes are great too...I always have a good supply of soft poly ropes for tieing my toys up with...I especially like the black ropes-looks pretty against the skin. but why limit myself to just these when there are cabin boys and wenches to be caught and tamed just give me something to restrain em with and I'm a happy Captain.
  8. Pirate Booty at Hot Topic

    I've got great stuff from hot topic and torrid(larger sized clothes at torrid) car window sticker with a fanged skull and crossbones a cute little patch I put on my backpack black and white jolly roger socks and wrist bands I went back for the purse but they were out that's ok,my jolly roger lunchbox is still useable
  9. mini pirates!

    great site and a wonderful collection of nasty cutthroats. I've found that reaper minis have a slightly better price,but not nearly the amount of different pirate characters that the foundry has reaper's are from $2.50 to $5.00 depending of figure the foundry sells there packs of six for $18 that makes em $3 apiece +shipping and then there are the cute little ships that hold the minis-$36
  10. Confessions of an Urban Pirate

    me and my partner were dressed discretely as pirates and stopped off at a store while taking a break from an event. we were wandering through the store and noticed a hispanic woman was trying her best not to stare at us. I decide to try for a little bit of good public relations,so I went over to her to say hello. well...she nust have thought I was an evil demon from hell,cause she took one look at me walking over to her and crossed herself violently and said something like "madres mios" and high tailed it outa there muttering more under her breath. it was sad but very funny
  11. Pants discussion for the lads.

    very kool site! love some of the artwork

    can't wait ta see it!!! if the weather will let up a bit and you can make it over this weekend,I can get pics of all those pretty tatts
  13. A Pyrate Christmas Greeting To Ye!!

    good advice merry ho ho
  14. My Christmas E-card for all

    that was beyond sick thank you
  15. The Privy Wall