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  1. Secret Gift Exchange 2014

    Oi mates- sorry I missed this- loss of computer, loss of passwords and bookmarks- and was kept busy with some other personal stuff. Next year mates! Next year!
  2. Secret Gift Exchange 2014

    Oi mates- sorry I missed this- loss of computer, loss of passwords and bookmarks- and was kept busy with some other personal stuff. Next year mates! Next year!
  3. Peter Pan and hollywood pirates

    Is Hook not shown in shoes most of the time? High heeled shoes? Certainly the Disney Hook is...the 1924 silent movie version of Captain Hook wore high heeled shoes, Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook in Hook wore shoes with red heels to signify he'd been at court...Boris Karloff in his turn as Hook wore high heeled shoes...however, Cyril Ritchard's Hook wore bucket boots in both of the early television's Mary Martin Peter Pan...Danny Kaye wore bucket boots in the Hallmark Hall of Fame version of Peter Pan Jason Isaacs wore bucket boots in the 2003 Peter Pan... Tom Herrel wore Bucket Boots in the Cathy Rigby Broadway version...Once Upon a Time's Colin O'Donaghue wears some kind of weird boot covers that look like they are Halloween costume leftovers...but I've never seen Hook barefoot, unless the croc tore his sock off...
  4. 2013 Year End Gift Exchange - Information and sign up

    I would like to continue!
  5. 2013 Year End Gift Exchange - Information and sign up

    Ahoy mate! I did get the gift- thankee- been sick with various ailments since it arrived, so sorry for the late confirmation! Aye twas lovely! Thankee again!
  6. Happy New Year 2014 & Thank You

    Happy New year all!
  7. 2013 Year End Gift Exchange - Information and sign up

    MIne is in the mail and should reach it's recipient before the day in question!
  8. Happy Beerthday Stynky!

    Ho add me t' th' list o' those what were late t' yer party! Any rum left? no matter- hope it was a grand one!
  9. Year End Gift Exchange

    me me me
  10. cannon ramrod hits 4

    heh- you know, I see St Petersburg, and I thought Florida... I just got up, and am on my first coffee! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
  11. Wool Sailors Coat - never worn

    Hear Hear!
  12. can I get yer vote for 2014 Order of Leviathan?

    Thankee mate! The campaigning is over! Thanks t' all who voted!
  13. Ahoy mates- yes it's that time again- voting for the 2014 Order of Leviathan. This humble pirate has been selected for the final round. Was wonderin' if ye'd consider voting for me. ( If ye haven't already- and for those that have, much appreciated) It's easy to do- just follow the link, and click like on my picture. You can vote fer as many pirates as ye like- though it's recommended ye vote for for 10 max, since that is the number to be selected. But then - it's more like guidelines anyway. and- in true pirate fashion, there are bribes, uh..incentives..ah no- they're bribes. From all the votes for me, I will draw 3 lucky names to receive one o' my tasty rumcakes. From all the votes for all the contestants, Skinny Dog jewelry will draw one winner of a grand silver cross pendant. Now what could be better than that? Swag! so- here's the link: thankee in advance mates! and full sails t' ye!
  14. can I get yer vote for 2014 Order of Leviathan?

    The process is different this year- the public has th' final vote, and so I need t' ask ye for support! As many o' ye here are in the Order, and have gone through th' process, I though I'd make me inquiries. All me duties t' ye, Lads and Lasses! I doff me hat t' y'all!
  15. Just thought I'd make sure they weren't fergotten! Huzzah to them on their now belated birthdays!
  16. Surgical Instruments, Procedures and Whatnot

    saw this amputation saw on the Bay of E- and thought p'raps some o' our surgeons would like t' have a look-
  17. Happy Birthday Commodore Swab!

    Happy belated birthday sirrah!
  18. Footwear For PIcky Feet

    I have the same problem- what I did was get a pair of bucket boots in a size larger, and just put my sneaker inserts in- then I wear a pair of those tennis ankle socks under my pirate socks. I know, right? but it fits perfectly, and I can walk forever. I do have a pair of more period correct shoes with buckles- but they tend to slop around on my heels..a bit too small for extra socks, and a bit too big even with inserts. I even got them soaking wet to fit my feet better- but -the bucket boots are the more comfortable fit.
  19. accurate pen and ink for period writing

    Let me just take the opportunity to comment on the quality of Lady B's quill pens! She sent me one nigh onto 18 months ago- I still use it to sign certificates for my birthday kids and my Buccaneer camp, not to mention the occasional document, and line drawing. It is really remarkable that it has lasted so long, and still has such a fine line. Thanks, Lady B!
  20. Happy Birthday Lady B

    Happy Birthday, Lady B!
  21. Black Sails

    Looks good doesn't it!
  22. Histories, Backstories & Bios

    Ahoy- here be Gertie's background. Born in Ireland, as a child Gertie longed t' go t' sea, but knew it would be difficult because she was a girl. Eventually she married a young landsman. They opened a small tavern. The tavern did well, and Gertie and her husband were happy for a while. Then he was impressed into service by the Royal Navy. Using the old trick of dropping a shilling into his drink, he was dragged away. Gertie struggled on, kept the tavern going. Her young man eventually returned- a deserter. In order to make some money he joined a band of smugglers... and was caught in his first raid. He was hanged. Gertie was captured also, and branded with a P for associating with pirates. She sold the Tavern and swore revenge on the Royal Navy. She purchased an ancient leaky sloop, renamed it the Retribution...and she and her motley crew sail the seas, preying on whatever ships she can, and making life difficult not only for the Royal Navy, but for the Governor and his soldiers as well.
  23. Eye think it be time for a Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday, me brother in pyracy! Rumcake's on me!
  24. Happy Birthday Iron Jon

    happy birthday t' a fellow Aries!
  25. a new pirate

    but...but...everyone knows the best part of being a HAM NIGHT!!!!