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    I like wierdness... Klingon, Pyrate..... and even..... gasp.... Renn Faires...... (Baseball and tractor pulls I'd have to think about.... could be wierd or Not,,,,)
  1. Pyrate Comix

    Wow... three years since I posted anything.....I might have to start drawing again......
  2. Pirates of Wallstreet and Corperations

    I really like how with just a few props, your mind would fill in the details in "The Crimson Permanent Assurance"... fan blades became cutlass, filing cabinets became cannons... It's interesting how our minds work....
  3. How to sew a Ditty-bag

    OK.... some pictures...... here's Arron threading a needle..... We started with a piece of canvas 19" by 19" folded into a tube... We folded one edge back 1/2" and the other 1" and then started to "Whipstitch" the edges.... (Whipstitch is where the needle goes through the fabric, and then the next stitch is right next to it on the same side of the fabric) (this shows Arron's stitching from the 1/2" side of the seam) His stitching is not very even yet, but it is getting better the farther along he sewed..... Arron still has about two inches to sew on the first seam, then we can turn the edges to make a"flat felled seam" (I'll show that in the next post, once we start sewing it, and maybe a diagram of whipstitch) .
  4. How to sew a Ditty-bag

    We got a little sewing done on the ditty bag. I still have to upload the picture, and a diagram of what we are doing.... but I'll start with a picture of the stuff that will be used to make and go into the ditty bag... Not shown is the canvas and rope...... Clockwise from top left..... scissors in a pvc case (I have to find some bamboo to make a better on for him) some "T" pins a pack of needles (we gave the curved needles to Martie and the blunt one to his younger brother so he cold sew yarn through plastic canvas) a ball of thread (this is a ball of embroidery floss, but it's strong enough for sewing) a bundle of of hemp cord (for when we get to making eyelets) a chunk of bee's wax for waxing thread a pair of pliers (for sewing through thick stuff) a pencil for marking sewing lines a Bamboo needle case (an extra one from my ditty bag) an old screwdriver, ground into an awl, in a pvc case for poking holes in leather (always handy to have) I still need to make and add a fid. (for opening holes in canvas and ropework ) More to come (EverySoOften as we get more sewn.......) .
  5. How to sew a Ditty-bag

    OK, I haven't posted much in awhile, but I'm going to start to teach Arron Jr. how to sew, and the first project will be a ditty-bag so he can keep his sewing stuff...well where he can find it. I will post progress pictures and drawings showing what we are doing as we go along, but be aware they won't be too often, Arron Jr. is only 7 years old (but he is a really smart 7 year old), and he will be working on the project when he is over here, which is about every other week. But for anyone that doesn't think they can learn how to sew, this should be an interesting series of post.... .
  6. 'appy Birthday to ye Mister Brand

    Happy Birthday William
  7. 'appy Birthday Captain Jim......

    'Appy Birfday ter ye.... 'appy Birfday ter ye.... 'APPY BIRFDAY CAPTAIN JIM....... 'APPY BIRFDAY TER EUUUUUUU....... .
  8. Making fire period correct?

    Slow match..... Grenadiers even had a case they used.
  9. Wouldn't something like that make a great coffee table picture book? With more photos and a description of the equipment and what was carried.
  10. This is kinda cool....
  11. Jib... I made a lockable pine case that I'd use to carry my blunderbuss, pistol, cutlass and knives to Key West (but no powder). Because I was carrying the blunderbuss, I had to fill out a form that declared it was unloaded, and then have a TSA agent check it... get there early so you have time....But they didn't care about the cutlass or knives because they were in my "checked baggage".....
  12. Looking for bucaneer image

    I'm not sure if I remember that one, but all the reference pictures I had of Buccaneers were lost when my computer died....
  13. According to the TSA's Prohibited Items page, you can take "Swords - cutting or thrusting weapons, including fencing foils" in your checked baggage...
  14. Rackham's skeleton

    OK... so what did they do with what was left of the Pyrates tarred body after it hung around for awhile and then started to fall apart? From Wikipedia on William Kidd.... So after thee years..... what did they do with his remains? A descent Christian barrel doesn't sound right... So where wold they had dumped them? .
  15. Silver Return to Treasure Island

    I found a copy at the Dollar Tree, so I couldn't pass it up... Silver Return to Treasure Island by Andrew Motion An Adventure of Jim Hawkin's son Jim, and Long John Sliver's daughter Natty who return to Treasure Island to search for the last of the loot.... Written in the style of Robert Louis Stevenson, it was a fun read, I just wish it had a better ending... Oh well it was only $1.