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  1. FTPI Roll Call 2012

    Dutch, of the Armed Brig "Meka"II will be in attendance. I'll be staying in an rv on the grounds.
  2. Were the "chicken in boxes" related to the chickens kept in wooden mangers aboard ship that, in the event of a sinking would float giving Jack and a mate or two a life raft and the odd chance of being found by another vessel. That and the same keeping for pigs gives cause for the sailor's silly superstision of a tattoo of a pig on one foot and a pig on the other would keep them from a meeting of Davy Jones. In my personal case, I followed the custom of the sea and adorned my feet. After enduring the pain of the process someone brought to my attention that a man born for hanging would never drown! Alas, the deed done, should I find a similar remedy to the hangman's goal perhaps I'll cross the bar, get the last stich in me hammock and as me mortal remains return to the elements me soul will step to the pub in Fiddlers Green.
  3. A video done by CatCannon Productions - Meet The Brigands

    Well met, good fellows. Well met! I hope it won't be 'ere long before we anchor in the same harbor. Dutch
  4. Sailing/Rigging knives

    Masterfully done, sir. I have been searching for a Sheepsfoot Blade for a while. I just may have found what I be a'lookin for!
  5. Sailing Again!

    Aye! Thank ye, mates! Thank ye Much. Although t'was a tyme we had t'was none as t' Dutchman, aloft in the fighting top o' the "Meka"II with her sweet brass swivel gun and a fine view o' the action!
  6. Lady's hole

    I have seen in diagram this compartment with access from Capt.s day cabin in just the area described by Dutch of the younger less likely to scare children variety. It was explained that. in the event of being overtaken by pirates, this compartment would be used to hide both women and other valuables. I will try to locate the book that I have this reference in.
  7. This year my 16 foot Shearwater, "Key Lime" was part of the Beaufort Pirate Invasion. We rowed upon the Town using great stealth and demanded surrender! We were met with Jests and Jeers. So I brandished my 50 cal. Pistol to fire a warning shot but it misfired! I then brandished my 38 cal. Cloak Pistol which did fire but did not seem to frighten the Town any. They returned fire with one of their Cannon at which we beat an hasty reatreat! As we cleared the point where the Town could no longer see us the joke was on longer on us for here was our Bretheren in Arms the Pirate Fleet we had sailed out to represent in a Parlay! A suit for surrender. Their answer was clear, face it now for it bears neigh! I'm going sailing now, Ahoy!
  8. Beaufort Pirate Invasion

    This weekend Ol' Baldy. Next weekend Beaufort! Huzzah!
  9. Rebirth of a Cutlass

    There be some apreciashun I be needin to express h'yar. Fust. Sir Will'm Redwake. I thanke Ye Most Heartfully!! I couldn'a figger ta git the pictures here as ye have. I am most grateful for yer kind remarks, laid along side. I hope t' be sailing the same waters wi' ye the sooner, the better! Cap'n James. Aye, we'ns made from shipmates ta Dory Mates I s'pect. It were so fine of a day ta be wi' ye an yer missus, The pictures like right fine too. What struck me fast was the Tulip form on the guard! Only Cascabel! "Dutch" = Tulip! We'd sure like to see ye among our home port's waters. Shipmate Peglegstrick, Thanks t' ye as well. Aye and fer certain his talents don't stop there! He works wonders with most any material ye kin put a'fore him! As fer ye All! T'would be such a fine day if'n ye all could be in Beaufort, NC August 12 & 13. There be Pirates about!!
  10. Rebirth of a Cutlass

    I had a Cutlass I purchased for very few dubloons. The cost was certainly saved in the pot metal attachments to a pretty good blade. I gave said blade to one Cascabel, Master Armorer to work his trade upon . What I got returned was a thing of beauty. Not only substantial and of noble metal but sculpture. The guard 's edge is formed and tooled to form a Tulip. Quite appropriate for one known as "Dutch"! I have posted photos in my Gallery and will try to figure out how to post some here!
  11. Cutlass, left side.

    From the album Armament

  12. Top view

    From the album Armament

    The Tulip Design is carried on to the top of the guard as well.
  13. A Cutlass by Cascabel.

    From the album Armament

    This is my cutlass after Master Armorer, Cascabel was through with it. I had a nice blade with a cheesy pot metal hand guard, grip and pommel. Cascabel took the blade and not only made the new noble metal piece substantial but with a theme! As I am "Dutch", the guard, as you can see is formed to a Tulip! This is not just a weapon, it's sculpture! Well, I'm off to hack something up!!