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  1. map frame project

    Pete, that is just wonderful!I love that I now have the 1668 Port Royal map on the outside of the doc case, then my 1756 map inside :) Beautiful work sir, as always!!! Thank you!!! Now I can't wait to see it in person!!
  2. map frame project

    It's looking amazing, Pete, just amazing!!!
  3. map frame project

    And as the woman who commissioned it, can I even tell you how excited I am seeing this come along!!!! (So excited I even found my pub password when Pete told me he was putting the progress reports up here :) ) I was lucky enough to win the auction for the map case he made for the Dead Men's Chest Auction at Fort Taylor a couple years back, and I can't wait to have the sister map frame to go with it and be a part of my Port Royal presentation!! Beautiful Pete, just beautiful!!
  4. Happ Birthday Poppa Ratsey

    Lots of love to you poppa on your natal day! What am I saying... I got lotsa love for you every darn day!!! Miss ya oodles!!! XOXOXO
  5. Happy Beerthday Diosa!

    LOL, thanks Daniel :)
  6. Happy Beerthday Diosa!

    So a very very very belated thank you to everyone. What can I say... I'm good at getting myself locked out of the Pub and just found this as I was catching up from....umm...January?? How sad is that... Thank you again!
  7. hampton blackbeard festival 2012, june 1-3

    Here's the final blog installment. Don't want to read the whole thing, no prob - skip down to the After(math) report and heroes sections though. They let you know who lost what and how to help and give you a look at a couple pirate heroes :)
  8. hampton blackbeard festival 2012, june 1-3

    Part 3 of the blog Its mostly pictures.... and the final piece will be up tomorrow....
  9. FTPI Roll Call 2012

    I'll be there.. Haven't quite figured out where Im staying yet... Probably off site since I am flying in...
  10. hampton blackbeard festival 2012, june 1-3

    Part 2 of the blog... more pics and a little video....
  11. hampton blackbeard festival 2012, june 1-3

    Ahoy all! Thankfully all my wonderful pirate family is safe!!! My first blog from Blackbeard Fest is up here
  12. 2011 Results / Picture Thread

    LOL Matt, really, And to think I have said such nice things about you in the past... Careful.... I could post all kinds of fun things about you.... :) But for now, it's part 4 of the blog
  13. 2011 Results / Picture Thread

    Here is part 3 of my Fort Taylor PIP Blog
  14. 2011 Results / Picture Thread

    Here's part two of my Fort Taylor and PIP Blog
  15. 2011 Results / Picture Thread

    Ahoy all, I am posting a 5-part blog on this years events at PIP and FTPI. Here is part 1