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  1. PyrateFest 2011 Sept 3-4 Memphis Tn

    September 3, 2011 A sleepy Spanish fort nestled on the banks of the Mississippi shrouded in the pre dawn mists. Out of the harbor a cannon sounds and the world erupts in flames. As the mist lifts a ship is seen and upon the mast flies the dreaded roger of the pirate ship The King's Revenge. Did it happen? Prolly not, but in our world, the Pyrates have finally come to the City of Kings, Memphis. We want to invite all to a fun filled family friendly day on the banks of the Mississippi presented by the Desert Rose Studios and MidSouth Buccaneers ship The King's Revenge to celebrate Labor Day. Pers'nal Inf'rmation:PyrateFest 2011 will be 9/3/2011 on the beautiful grounds of the Mud Island River Park on the Mississippi River. Producer: Desert Rose Studios Ship: King's Revenge Crew: Midsouth Buccaneers Captain Robert Darksoul Pyrate Mistress Samra ~ Quartermistress Purple Iris ~ Cabin Girl Pepe the Pyrate ~ Minstrel Smitty ~ Gunner Bands contact: Vendors and Entertainers Contact: Reenactors, Purveyors of Rum, historians, Crews contact: Wenches contact:
  2. st. louis pirate fest

    might come last weekend if funds permit but TLAPD is filled for me and my mates with PyrateFest 2010
  3. What do you hate in a pirate?

    The motto of the group I started The Mid-South Buccaneers is "If it looks piratey its good enough for pass the rum."
  4. we just added a Food Network Chef and a national pirate themed spice dealer to PyrateFest lineup

  5. FaceBook conversation

    I Love this exchange made me roll on the floor with laughter when I read it... Person 1 : What's so dark about Robert's soul? Is it because he calls women "wenches"? Just kidding! :) My wife: arr- pirates have to have cool names. Person 1: Couldn't he be puresoul or starsoul or sunshinesoul or brightsoul? Moonsoul? My wife: no no no a pirate name has to inspire fear and awe. Who's going to surrender their ship to someone named Captain Sunshinesoul?
  6. POTC 4 is at this time.... google_protectAndRun("render_ads.js::google_render_ad", google_handleError, google_render_ad);« Return to Article | Print Page ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ ‘Cars’ sequel included in Disney, IMAX 3-D deal ‘Mars Needs Moms’ with Seth Green and Joan Cusack also on deck By: Katie HastyWednesday, Jun 23, 2010Walt Disney Studios and IMAX have signed a three movie deal sending three titles to the big-big screen in 3-D next year. “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” “Cars 2” and “Mars Needs Moms” are all included in the expanded partnership, with each to be re-mastered for the screens and sounds of IMAX theaters for 2011. The “Pirates” sequel with Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz is due out May 20; the second of the “Cars” Pixar films will drop June 25; and the animated, Seth Green- and Joan Cusack-voiced “Mars” will be released March 11. The last “Pirates of the Caribbean” film, “At World’s End” from 2007, has a $309,420,379 domestic gross to date. The first “Cars” movie, out in 2006 with Owen Wilson and Paul Newman, did 244,082,964. Disney’s most recent 3-D endeavor "Toy Story 3," played in IMAX at 180 of the 4,000 theaters in the United States. $8.4 million of the film's opening gross of $110 million.
  7. PyrateFest 2010 Sept 18-19 Memphis Tn

    Also on FaceBook under PyrateFest 2010
  8. POTC 4 is at this time....

    Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Aussie actress Gemma Ward ("The Black Balloon," "The Strangers") has joined the cast of the upcoming fourth 'Pirates' reports The Courier Mail. Ward has been cast in a "small speaking part" which she will film in August. Shooting on the project kicks off this week.
  9. Pirate Branded Food

    cool they will be one of the sponsers for our up coming PyrateFest 2010 in Memphis Tn
  10. movie quotes game

    you are up Red William
  11. movie quotes game

    :I'm not your driver. I'm your partner. : Yeah, you're the chess player. I read your file. : You play? : Do I look like I play board games?
  12. movie quotes game

    The Shining

    cool I have that publication

    do tell