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    Writing creating scripts for Film Noir, Writing Sci-fi spiced nautical mayhem, Theater arts, Pirate costumes, Sketching Pirate Art on wood with watercolor pencils, illustrating pirate Parrots, blast the little feathered marauders, Creating, Fantasy Pirate Lass theater costumes. "Under the black flag" by David Cordingly, Errol Flynn Movies, Vintage Treasure Island Books, Pirates of Penzance July 16 August 9, 2009 at my college. Gardening, little green tendrils of joy, Art interests include science fiction type work, Wench sketches and costumes. Collections of wood, plastic and metal pirate ships. Nautical Lore, artifacts, dirks, daggers, theater props vintage clothing pertaining to nautical history. Study of clothings history, Straight A handicapped student
  1. Pirate Lass Pen and Ink

    From the album Avast

    Beautiful Sketch from my pen and ink lessons Gorgeous Woman Pirate

    © &GalleonGal

  2. GalleonGal Sword PIrate Hat

    From the album Avast

    Put together Some Items I really wanted to learn to sketch Twas True These Be Sort of Piraty in Nature

    © &GalleonGal

  3. Mural Pirate Boat Seven

    From the album Avast

    Yep takes an Idiot to learn not to mess with something Else y aSmudhe tha darn thing No the Parrot does not Look like a Green Chicken

    © &GalloenGal

  4. PinUp Guns

    From the album Avast

    Never Minde those inquisitive Tourists, Just me, me Prretty Swim Suit, Me Midnight Black Tux Jacket and Me British 303 Enfield Rifle, a Love Like This So Foine<br />Signed Yours Truly <br />GalleonGal

    © &copyGalleonGal

  5. Land Ho

    From the album Avast

    This is Some of the pirate Art Created for Stress Relief. the Wood was part of the back ground scenery for the plays produced at my college, That Pirate Fellow with the Red Sash caught up in the Winde He looks like a Bright Young Fellow, Perhaps he has sighted a lush tropical Isle in the Distance, Land Ho! Where Away!, Two Points off the Starboard Bow!

    © &copyGalleonGal

  6. My artwork is created with prisma color pencils. My artwork is kept by my side when I sketch at the sea shore. Intently one desires to listen to the oceans waves rush & tumble. My time is best spent ~ En plein air ~ which means, on location.

    ~ Out doors is where my heart longs to be

  7. Just for Now To Study My art, Sketching

    1. Crows Nest Vintage

      Crows Nest Vintage

      Ah, Thar Ya Be MArgharite, Me Emerald Eyes Beauty, This Ol Souls Fair To Middlin Parched with the Noon Days Sun and Tis a goode Thing To, Ta See Ya So Happy To See This Old Vagabond Artist Sailor, finally Home TO the Goode Hearth

    2. Crows Nest Vintage

      Crows Nest Vintage

      Margarhite She's A Copyrighted Lady, That She is

  8. Costume Study, Just For Old Times Sake

    From the album Avast

    While working and sketching as this Vagabond may do so often, I perchance chose to place upon me Girl mannequins some pretty Peasant blouses and colorful petticoat skirts from might near the year of our Lord 19 and 50 This action often helps perk me mind up so as to helps me a poor bedragled art student to purchase some ground for me mind to fasten onto Such a life as one pursues and myself so near to gettin' all that is needed completed What a World, what an existance

    © GalleonGal&copy

  9. Pirate Minded

    From the album Avast

    Cedar Treasure Chest with Sterling Silver Daggar Earrings, Me thinks a Pirate Lass could wish for no More finer Trinkets, A Foine lot for The Golden Wench in Ye Lief, Ye Pirate Gents, What Say Ye purchase a Purty Sparkly Bauble fer the Ladies Or Pilfer as Ye May, Makes a glimmer in the eyes of Ol Fools Gold, me Stubborn Parrot

    © GalleonGAl&copy

  10. Fun

    From the album Avast

    © © 2002 - 2010

  11. silver butterfly's wings,

    Second missive My silver Ying dog slips his bejeweled collar, tugs free of leash Romps ever bound tumultuously over rough-hewn fence Happenstance that mongrel is fleeing after golden tawny Yang cat, Alas, this balance, of my earth, has it tipped upon its very axis? How can a fool such as I have been balance destinies scales? Rustling plumage, a flurry of breezes has beneath ebony wing tips bestowed a sudden magic. Alas, as hemp wrought bracelet slips from my delicate wrist, destiny circlet, how destiny entwined its soft folds, the etching and ebbing of life's tell tale patterns, mysteries untold, In time, patterns in time, woven loosely, tightly, they define, a manifest moment in time, Gargled, caw, caw, noises rocks a trees foliage laden branches, low to the sacred ground, Brother crow, guffaws his laughter, mingled with mine. In his feathered throat he brews a cacophony of earth's news A Stream beckons, it's ripples timeless, immortal are these tempestuous thoughts, in the air soft Grey wings, Egret tests her velvety primaries, secondary's and Tertiary's, Soft silky feathers Test again the air, then ignites a reflection of suns rays upon a silken rose petals leaves faire, and stays subtle as the day as she gathers her taffeta petticoats of prairie grasses in from a swift rain.., At eve'nin' time, moon beams now settle in for an encounter, Brush, touch a whisper, to my tear stained face, then a fleeing glimpse of the forest tapestry Frightened in the still soft night, a forest babe alights, from it's haven in the brush's soft light, Wind chimes, a sensuous symphony delights.., Cool sapphire waters, the taste, how it lingers in my soul, Springtime's moisture, spoken words, now mere echoes, memories of old, Leaves form a cradle, fall leaves form a chickadees bed, Falling softly in forest's slumber, somber brown, and red; Hush; sleep, my cubling, downy dreams of days gone, fragile images fail, awaken at Twilight, softly nightingale she calls, alighted upon a weathered fence rail, Haunting, beckons her song, how sweet though tragic it's tale Such Tales she trills from her feathered throat, tales of Geisha girl pale, and Warrior gone, on wind's Song, The tears of a Dragon slip slowly down his turquoise scales. an excerpt from night reading unrivaled, A flourish of the feather plumed hat Adeau
  12. Current projects?

    "WarLord" Comic Character Study, Fan ARt First illustration
  13. Current projects?

    Wolf, Wildlife study illustration for a publication
  14. What's in your art chest?

    Pat Hart is a wonderful lady and Native American in ancestry and one of my tutors. Chris Hart is not related, I think it may be that the names are spelled so similar.