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  1. Wot's in yer Ditty Bag ?

    note --- the ditty bag pic is one that i made, but is too light duty to carry all this stuff... i need to make one that is a bit more heavy duty kinda like patrick's...
  2. Wot's in yer Ditty Bag ?

  3. Wot's in yer Ditty Bag ?

  4. Wot's in yer Ditty Bag ?
  5. Wot's in yer Ditty Bag ?

    let's try this link...
  6. Wot's in yer Ditty Bag ?

    well, i did figure it out, now photobucket is not cooperating
  7. got my tix to burning man !!

  8. Wot's in yer Ditty Bag ?

    well whytf can't i copy and paste a link on here anymore ??!!
  9. Wot's in yer Ditty Bag ?

    mine has a bunch of crap in it so i can do sewing projects, etc. at home... the current ditty bags i have are not capable of handling the weight of all the crap i have... need a heavy duty one...will post a pic or two of my period and non period shtuff i keep in there... my current ditty bags serve as bag to hold bathroom stuff, etc...
  10. The Sack of St.Augustine! Searle's Raid,March 2015 here is a link to last years searles raid...the first bunch of pages are of the trip down there and wednesday night before we set up on thursday, so the interesting pics start on page 6 ...
  11. The Sack of St.Augustine! Searle's Raid,March 2015

    the mind is still not made up yet ...
  12. Slops

    think you'd still fit in the ones i got from you ?? can always lend them to ya... every once in a while someone else that comes with us fits in them as well....
  13. PoD celebrates another circumnavigation..

    happy b-day on here, also !!
  14. Ancient one resurfaces

    some new, some old... welcome back !!
  15. Fort de Chartres Winter 2014

    hey, good seeing you , too, bo !! should have gotten a few pics of your new wheel lock :) yeah, i know what you are talking about being over 50.... miss not being able to string up my hammock.... even in the cold, it's a good night's sleep for my stupid back...