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    Portsmouth, zee silly english colony of virginia
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    I can only be described as a history loving nerd. I like anything with the word "star" in the title, i read comics, watch anime, and annyyttinng else you could get thrown in a locker for LOL. As for reenacting, iv only be at it a year, buutt i am quite committed to trying for an accurate portrayal. Im still working on the finer details of my persona, but im trying for a french impression(without butchering the accent). Later on in time i internd to also do some events in the fur trade era. More details as i figure them out, Cheers mates!
  1. Gone Fishing...

    This might be helpful in reguards to line , found this site this morning. Still not exactly what im looking for, but getting closer!
  2. Dutch oven recipes

    thanks for the variation halfshell! i must say, that sounds both tasty and EXTREAMLY filling(so much crust)......for some reason i feel like i may have tried a similar dish....I shall definitely have to make this one too!
  3. Dutch oven recipes

    Thanks callenish....its funny that you post this....for i just got a dutch oven from a friend of mine....i should try this out YYAAAAYYY
  4. Gone Fishing...

    thanks all for the info! I always do find it interesting how reluctant english people of the time were about eating many many many things. Thanks to Sjoroveren for the link to the kit at Jas. Townsend....not sure why i didnt think to look there myself.....
  5. Gone Fishing...

    What would the average person in the period use for fishing then(if sailors didnt fancy fish all too much), after all, not all of us even portray sailors(all the time at least) so far as iv been able to research, fly fishing was popular, but that seems to be portrayed in a more, leisurely light. Would the average hungry joe have a fishing pole,lure,float etc. or would he have to make due with just line, hook ,and bait?.........(id really like to know, for i would love to try some period fishing...ssooo many good fishing spots in hampton roads...yyeess)
  6. Maritime crew brings history to life

    I came across these guys at jamestowne in april. I was rather impressed with their numbers and impression, and even more impressed by the fact that joe(their captain) seem to be QUITE the jack of all trades. From making their guns, to swords(good man!) I also meet 2 or three of them at lockhouse a few weeks ago(borrowed clothing from one even lol) they seem to know their stuff, which means a heck of alot to me....hope they get the web site up soon......may it be noted that im letting a few items of garb go........quite unwashed, i like zee dirty look(not sure i can get trousers as dirty as dutch's pair though)...just my thoughts.....
  7. New mate aboard!

    I am also from P-town....but a different one lolololol i love names... Welcome to the pub mate!
  8. Pewter or Dorset

    A fine coat that is Mr.Roberts, very fine! It has character now too.....tis one o' me favorite colors.......such pretty it twould fit too.........*cough ......... Well done sir, i dare say you should'nt leave it lying about..................
  9. When Real & Pirate Life Collide

    i love that show sssoooo very much.....awesome
  10. Roll Call 2009

    NNNNOOOOOOO darn it Kian, well thats no good........well i hope you still come to lockhouse in november!

    im not sure if its just me, bbuut im trying to make a new account, and it keeps saying iv done the challenge question wrong when i KNOW i typed what was in the box(spaces and all). And speaking of spaces, is the "no spaces or characters" in the username thing gonna stick around?
  12. Pewter or Dorset

    Mr. Roberts, i must say i much prefer your dorset buttons, not only because they are quite pleasing to the eye, bbbuut because they are not a common sight(except for the ones by our own lady brower), and thus create an opportunity to enlighten people to their existence.........and as i said...they look GOOD
  13. When Real & Pirate Life Collide

    i say "aye" quite a bit, as well as a few other archaic words....most people notice i think but dont say anything, they all think i have a british accent anyway(idk why).....but pyracy and my job are about one in the same anyway, so it looks better if i bring it to work(tall ship)!
  14. It was bound to happen...

    Im surprised that there are actually profiles up and running....dear me....people want the pyrate lovin.........go for it silkie! Yee will find some pyrate booty!
  15. Lockhouse: After Action Report

    thanks for forcing drink on us kate, im vvveerryyy sure we would have passed out from dehydration otherwise...after all, we cant live off alcohol alone.....or...can we.....