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  1. FTPI Roll Call 2012

    Gonna have to give this year a pass - but for a very good reason. The date is simply too close to when we'll be adding a new lil' pyratess to the ranks! I know I've been rather absent around these parts for a while, but with good reason. I spent the better part of 2011 planning a great shin-dig of a wedding, and now, I've spent the better part of 2012 rather pregnant. I'm due Nov 11, and just don't think we'll be up for much more adventuring for the remainder of the year after that!
  2. Searle's 2011 Setup andAarrival

    I am the bigger pain in the ass that won't arrive until Friday night. I could only get a bit of time to leave work early. But I have to pick up Patrick in Orlando. I am hoping to Leave South Florida at 2:30, get to Orlando at 5:30 and make it to Auggie by 7:00.
  3. What are you reading right now ?

    Bukharin and the Bolshevik Revolution: A Political Biography, 1888 to 1938 by Stephen F. Cohen.
  4. The Sack of St Augustine: Robert Searle's raid of 1668

    Like I needed another reason to look forward to this event. I am so impressed by homebrews! Can;t wait to sample!
  5. Random Topics

    Sense memories are more powerful than most realize. They can be triggered by both the conscious or unconscious mind - thus in a dream state. Interestingly enough, it is not uncommon during open brain surgeries (in which the patient is kept awake) for these kind of experiences to occur with sometimes startling results (ie, a patient retching after experiencing the distinct aroma of vomit after the surgeon tapped the section of the brain that apparently catalogs things like that). As for PTSD, it is characterized by specific symptoms in the wake of an extremely traumatic event in which the individual witnessed an event that caused serious injury, death or threat of death, or had the physical integrity of themselves threatened in similar ways. Initial response is generally intense fear, horror and/or helplessness, avoidance of triggering stimuli, persistent reexperience of the event, and specific symptomotology that is persistent for no less than 1 months time. The next version of the DSM might include a new differential diagnosis for a chronic form of PTSD as well, allowing for the experience of various symptoms over the span of years, which (in my professional opinion) is actually a far more accurate descriptor as I tend to see people seek professional help years after the traumatic event, not within weeks or months. In point of fact, I do not believe I have ever had a woman come in for rape counseling any sooner than 11 months after the assault. I do tend to wax rhapsodic on this topic, so I will end this here, but if you want more info on the symptomotology, I will be more than happy to provide it!
  6. So, that happened.

  7. The Sack of St Augustine: Robert Searle's raid of 1668

    Sangria?! *swoon
  8. The Sack of St Augustine: Robert Searle's raid of 1668

    Count me in with a plus one! Also, Vintage Sailor, check your PMs
  9. Roll Call 2010

    It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that I Will be unable to attend this year. Two of my dear friends are tying a totally different kind of knot and they have scheduled the bachelorette festivities for the weekend of Dec 4. I hope that next year is kinder and that I get to see my pirate friends at different events in the course of the year.
  10. Things I haven't done at PiP

    I am actually planning on being there longer than Friday and Saturday night this year, so I would love to: 1. See the Walk the Plank Competition 2. See the outside-the-fort festivities (like drinking in costume with a number of fellow pirates) But I am equally looking forward to the activities I have enjoyed each year, such as: 1. Cafe Sole' and the crazy good breakfast place Mission knows 2. All Girl Canon Crewe 3. getting to hang out with all you fine folks!
  11. PIP/Fort Taylor Pyrate Invasion

    Sent it - and thanks to Mission for the heads up!
  12. Oct 9 - 11 Fort Meyers Pirate fest The posting on the main forum is incorrect - the real info is available at the link above. Anyone going?
  13. Is it December yet??

    There's another Santa Maria event in three and a half weeks. Still time to sign on. Mark I wish Mark - its a matter of having the ability to afford such a trip, not lack of wanting to go.
  14. Because I need a pirate vacation!!
  15. I would LOVE a spinning wheel. Unfortunately, they tend to cost several hundred dollars. Which is more than a little out of my price range at the moment (and for a long time to come).
  16. My pleasure! I am thrilled that I can do more than either 1. stand around, 2. roll cartridges or 3. get ridiculously excited about firing a cannon! I forgot 4. get drunk and talk until 4am.
  17. Is it December yet??

    Aw, I am sure that is the case. This has just been one of those years that has kicked me arse every damn chance it's gotten. It's the first year since I started piratin' that I haven't been able to go to a single event - and I know I won't be able to until PiP. There's been too much loss, too much stress, and too much UGH and I am totally ready for some ARRRGGG! I've been watching all the FB stuff about Santa Maria and Payne's and been soooo jealous! I cannot wait until I get to play with you all again too!
  18. OH my goodness! I need to get caught up on the thread, but first I need to leave work, BUT FIRST, I want to say that I actually learned a freaking historically accurate skill in the last few months! I can demonstrate how to make yarn using roving (cleaned and carded fleece) and a drop spindle. I have a top whirl and a bottom whirl, so I could even show a couple different techniques. And something else I might be able to pick up between now and then would be an accurate way to DYE said fleece, but I make no promises.
  19. SteamPunk events

    I think I have found an event that I need to be steampunky for. Sophia! Are ye with me??
  20. I miss you guys!

    I caught Dinner Impossible the other night and I got to missing all my pyrate comrades something awful! I have been working me arse off, not only at work, but also volunteering, and attending things like showers and weddings and looking for a house (Which finally paid off, I'm in escrow!) and nothing looks likely to let up anytime soon, which makes me sad, because I was hoping to get to at least one more event this year. Alas, I may have to make due with pestering everyone here... Anyway - I MISS YOU ALL!!
  21. I am home, safe and sound! I hope those of you on the road are faring well - and I miss you all already!
  22. Hush, you! I am bringing multiple layers. And blankets. And wool socks. *shiver*
  23. You in yar garb.

    McCool - Mandalorian Pirates?! Liam - looks great, sir!