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  1. For tickets and info
  2. TLAPD Party - Sat Sept18th Barstow CA

    awesome awesome night last night. a big thank you to everyone that showed up and celebrated Talk like a Pirate Day here in barstow. It was a very special night for me for sure! ARRRRRR!
  3. TLAPD Party - Sat Sept18th Barstow CA

    FYI I'm hosting a Talk like a Pirate Day Party here in Barstow CA.
  4. Escondido Renaissance Fair w/ Pirate Flair

    yes this was a very fun event as always. it's always well worth the 3 hour drive down for us
  5. there is a steampunk haunted house slide show on msnbc right now don't know how the link will work but here ya go http://www.msnbc.msn...7/?beginSlide=1 link to the site

    LOL! I sooo don't remember you taking that video of us! LOL! I guess I had a bit too much rum!

    the bodice section was rigged.. LOL! they should have taken a picture of me lass in her bodice..

    The link to more pics from Pirate Daze : Photos by James Woods

    Had a blast! pics are going up as I type this
  10. Pier Daze Pirate Invasion- Long Beach, SoCal

    had a blast yesterday! it was a long drive down and an even longer drive back LOL! we're beat.. went and played around long beach afterwards.. went to the queen mary.. that was wicked fun! pics will be up shortly
  11. Big Bear Pirate Faire - June 7 & 8

    it was a nice relaxing day up there on sunday..
  12. Pier Daze Pirate Invasion- Long Beach, SoCal

    will be making the trek down the desert to enjoy the fresh air on sunday..
  13. All Pirate Movies

    noticed on e of the greatest pirate movie series is not on the list pipi longstockings!!! pipi in the south seas just watched it the other night! awe the memories. damn songs stuck in my head now.
  14. Other Costumes

    yeah... I have about 8 rifles and pistols. My m16 is very versatile. I can change it from the M16a1 to the M16a3 with a couple of bolt on accessory changes LOL! I did a lot of the big game here on the West Coast. I'm a 2 time Lion Claws Vet.
  15. Other Costumes

    I do milsim stuff and have a closet full of uniforms for various impressions be it Rangers, Seals, etc.. Here is a 1991 Kuwait Desert Storm Marine Impression I assembled.
  16. MADDOGG!!!!!!!

    kinda reminds me of that line in planes, trains and automobiles. Where's your other hand? Between 2 pillows... THOSE ARENT PILLOWS! apparently maddog is a lucky dog!
  17. What is your Myspace

    Here ya go.. for your viewing pleasure I have some nifty little tricks on my page.. Every time you visit my site. There'll be a different background
  18. How to "cock" a hat.

    LOL! yup yup.. very cool site.. I plan to buy a couple of hats on from y'all in the future. Question.. what the best way to stiffen the hat back up? does spray starch work on fur felts
  19. How to "cock" a hat.

    ok... I'm still working with this felt. I didn't like how the first one worked out.. so I re-steamed it. it's better but now I'm wondering how do I get the front to rise up. I'm using this photo as a guideline
  20. How to "cock" a hat.

    well with y'all instructions, I did my first hat.. didn't turn out too bad but definitely something that takes practice LOL! thanks!
  21. What does your user name mean?

    Mine is a play off of where I live and one of my favorite TV shows!
  22. bandannas

    In the pirateology handbook, it says "some pirates wear a headscarf to cover their greasy, matted hair"
  23. "Worst Renaissance Faire Ever"

    HAHA! I love that show!
  24. You in yar garb.

    This is what happens when I get bored! I start taking pictures!
  25. Finally coming out of the closet

    I have finally after years and years of struggling with my inner pirate, I finally came to terms with it and embraced it. boy was that like opening a can of worms LOL! I have for years done Milsim Re-enacting and currently co-own a team. after a friend's suggest that we go to the ren faire not too long ago, I was hooked. so here I am.. I'm a pirate and proud of it