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  1. New look!

    Yeah, 3.0 has a lot of power behind it and even I'm looking into it. The RSS feeds are always fun for either keeping track of messages as you guys do or site news and such. I really like the cartoon skull you have as the banner logo. Yar!
  2. New look!

    Am I posting in the wrong place? Probably. Don't have a lot of time but I wanted to say the new site looks great! Same great place with all new features. good stuff oh and Yar!
  3. Vote for Stynky

    Yaaar all! I have not come by the pub in a little while and I have to make this short but sweet. As you may or may not know, Pirates Magazine is making a “dirty dozen”, giving honors to those most piratey. I have not idea if anything other then “These guys are awesomesauce” honors but I urge you all to send an email to davenichols@piratesmagazine.com and vote for your favorite captain. “Who would that be?” you may ask. Stynky Tutor, of course, the man who puts a ton of effort into this very pub every day. When all was said and done there was only one Pirate who came to mind. Not to put any Crew Captains down, but I’d like to see this title go to someone who helped bring thousands of pirates together, even if just for a few moments and posts. Send a vote for Stynky and tell Pirates Magazine how great he is. Yaaaaar! See you all around, Hawk the QM
  4. Floggingswillcontinue.com

  5. Happy April 20!

    If you don't know why this day is special, don't bother asking me cuz I have enough troubles here. If you DO know why we be celebratin' the day then just leave a YAAAAAR!, if you have the motor skills to type, that is. This message has been coded for the easily offended. Yaaaaar.... when is lunch? edit: I'm hungry.
  6. My pirate office update.

    really great work. Is that safe really "pirate"? If it is then it must be empty and you completely broke I love the rope work mate. Yaaaar!
  7. PM Spammer

    If anyone ever gets something like this again in the future but are not sure as to what it is, I'll give you a tip. When your mouse hovers over any link, on the bottom of your browser (left if firefox) it will show you where the link goes without actually going there. If it's a site you've never heard of, don't go there. Many forum links from spammers go to places with malicious scripting and you just don't need that kind of crap on yer computers. Anything that isn't the usual, .com, .net, .edu and such are usually out of country and usually a bad place to go. And all of this is just in time for IP to make all forum hosts download a new update for PM spamming. Such a pain in the butt for such little success. Oh well.
  8. Legendary Pub Sighting

    It's really a joke about the "legend" of Talderoy more so then the actual pirate himself. Any friend of The Pirates Charles is a friend o' me though.
  9. Legendary Pub Sighting

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ In a way.. I feel the above members are blessed now for being in the same room as Tal D. Roy. The guests, however, are cursed for not logging in.
  10. The pirate excuse

    I good one that I pulled off was at a bar (naturally) and I just so happened to be wearing my hat. I saw 5 of me mates in a row with drinks in their hands. I walk by them, one by one, took there drinks and slammed them down simply saying "Pirate" after each shot. True, I was pretty hammered after that... but the looks on their faces as they stood silently was truley priceless.
  11. Deadliest Warrior

    I am not sure Sir Elton's will to resist is as high as that found in other knights. I would imagine his best defense is to confuse the enemy with his crazy sunglasses. Then drop a piano on them.
  12. Deadliest Warrior

    The last "real" (as in knighted by the king) knight I worked with was in Bosnia and he was commanding a Leopard Tank. I'll give the edge to the knight in that case. My moneys on Sir Elton John.
  13. Deadliest Warrior

    If they have any sense they will remember why Knights became obsolete. Gun powder! YAaaaaar!
  14. It's finnaly over

    I would probably do the exact same thing they are doing, to be honest. Their options are basically go with this faction or that one. It's not like they have an exchange program so I do feel for them. Their sad stories aside, it's a dangerous game to use a gun to make a living. That money doesn't even go into the pirates pockets, it goes to the government that is using them to further more war. If they want kill themselves in a fight for power then so be it. When they involve other nations in a sick game of extortion, they need to be dealt with. Just my opinion. QMJames, don't feel bad if you think you are "ill-informed", you can still have an opinion. Luckily, this burden doesn't fall on our shoulders.