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  1. The Boots We Wear (On Bucket Boots)

    This thread has been going now for over 12 years, I think that has to be some kind of record. Petee deserves a medal. I need therapy.
  2. The Boots We Wear (On Bucket Boots)

    Among the oldest debate on any pirate forum! Peteeeeeeeee! Man, I've missed you. Image 1, 19th century. Image 2. 18th century, but not showing seamen (judging from the horsewhip I'd say depicting riders).
  3. 18th Century Navies

    IIRC, this was one of the images:
  4. 18th Century Navies

    Um, good question. There was a long thread about it on the old Pirate Brethren board in which some artists' impressions from a French book were posted. As I recall nobody was able to ascertain how extensive the attempt was - whether it was actually a uniform or whether it was more like the RN slops. Either way, it was all info found on the net.
  5. 18th Century Navies

    The French Navy started experimenting with some uniformity for foremastmen in the 1690s, and adopted uniforms for officers in the early 18th (I forget the exact year, but pre-1720. The Royal Navy had uniformed slop clothing for sale to its foremastmen from at least 1663, but it was not required for seamen to buy or wear it. Officers in the RN didn't get a uniform until 1747, though there is slim evidence of some officers on the Gibraltar station adopting an unofficial uniform of a red coat with black tape in the 1720s. I don't know exactly when flintlock mechanisms were added to ships' guns, but it was after the 1730s The earliest evidence of a wheel on an English ship is 1713. Some French ships may have had them slightly earlier.
  6. Davy Jones and Fiddler's Green and Sea Myths

    If you want to go with a historically accurate version then you basically need to be looking at 18th century Christian beliefs about death and the afterlife.
  7. Farewell Twill

    No, however if you go in a leather tricorn and bucket boots AS a scantily clad female pirate that will be fine.
  8. Farewell Twill

    As the current and final moderator of Twill, as well as ones of its oldest inhabitants, I'd like to thank everyone for all the awesome conversations over the last thirteen years. I know I've made a few good and long-term friends here. Here's to you all. You are all Captain Twill.
  9. The Way Ahead

    There are plenty of weird foreigners in the APLH group, but I understand what you mean. Still, it might be a case of beggars not being choosers. I hope you enjoy the documents. Volume II is in the works, but other projects keep getting in the way...
  10. The Way Ahead

    Discussions of any aspect of golden age pirate history are welcome and encouraged.
  11. The Way Ahead

    The whole of the Pub is being closed down, yes. There is a thread explaining HERE.
  12. The Way Ahead

    You think we don't already?
  13. Davy Jones and Fiddler's Green and Sea Myths

    The character of Davy Jones as seen in the PotC franchise is basically an invention of Disney with a 'traditional' name tacked on, but Disney can't own the copyright on the name, so if you use their character you might run into trouble but it you create your own personification of Jones you should be ok. However, to my knowledge, Davy Jones, the Flying Dutchman, and Fiddlers' Green are all later than the GAoP in origin. The only post-mortem superstitions which seem prevalent amongst GAoP era pirates are essentially Christian notions of Heaven and Hell.
  14. The Way Ahead

    As we count down to the last days of Captain Twill thoughts turn to the future of historical pirate discussion. Facebook is not such a good medium as Twill has been over the years, but it's unlikely to go away any time soon, so may I extend an invitation to any denizens of Twill who are not already members to join the Authentic Pirate Living History group on Facebook.