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  2. On this day in history...

    June 24 - On this day in 1675, King Philip's War in North America began when Native Peoples attacked colonists at Swansea, Plymouth colony. And on this day in 1669, the French warship 'Therese' sank off Heraklion after an accidental explosion of the powder magazine. Also in 1683, Nicholas Van Hoorn died. Nicholas Van Hoorn was engaged with Laurens de Graaf and Michel de Grammont in the capture of Vera Cruz in 1683. The division of the spoil led to a duel between Hoorn and de Graaf, which was fought on the shores of the bay of San Sacrifield, 8–10 km from Vera Cruz. Van Hoorn was seriously wounded in his arm. After he had returned to his ship, the extreme heat, combined with the absence of surgical aid and his passion for drink, soon ended his life. He was buried at Isla Mujeres on June 24th.
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  4. First Time Traveling to Key West

    Nope. I believe the last year was 2014. There is a similar one held each year in Maine with many of the same people... Fort Knox Pirate Parlay
  5. First Time Traveling to Key West

    Is this event still being held?
  6. On this day in history...

    June 22 - On this day in 1679, the Duke of Monmouth defeated Scottish Covenanters at Bothwell Bridge.
  7. Rolled kerchiefs

    So I've been experimenting with rolling kerchiefs. I've experimented with everything around my neck, except a noose (some would prefer that - you know who you are ). This includes narrow strips of fabric, large square kerchiefs, and triangle kerchiefs. What I've found is the size and weight of material makes a huge difference. I tried to use a square kerchief, fold it in half and roll it from the longest side. What I found was unless it was silk or a very sheer fabric, it was too thick a roll and felt awkward. The narrow strip of fabric doesnt really look right and there is not much benefit to having one. So what I ended up with is what you see below. I found a single layer triangle works best. thin cotton or thin linen is what I used. I'm sure silke would be used also. I did roll stitch the sides that were raw. Basically a rough 30 or 31 inches on the short sides and 44 inches on the long side. then roll from the long side to the point (easier said than done, extra hands are helpful). I tied mine with the standard Four-in-Hand knot (Four-in-Hand). If you had a longer kerchief a Half Windsor (half-windsor) or a windsor might take a little extra out of the length.
  8. On this day in history...

    June 21 - On this day in 1720, Bartholomew Roberts arrived in Trepassey, Newfoundland.
  9. The French Cook, 1673

    4. Pottage of Partridges with Coleworts. Cleanse them well, lard them with great lard, truss them, and put them in the pot with good broth; put also your coleworts in the pot with your Partridges; after the are sodden, you shall pass into it a little melted lard, and season them with cloves and pepper, and salt, and some mace, then stove or soak your crusts, garnish them with sweetbreads of veal, or with sausages, if you have any, and lemon, and salt on the dish sides; then serve.
  10. Birds

    I know. It's almost cliche...but...let's see your favorite, feathery, little pirates.
  11. Where have all the pirates gone?

    I had visited on occasion, but didnt login. Now when I look at the list of users, thats mostly what it is ...guests surfing
  12. On this day in history...

    June 20 - The preparations took some years; there were other (political) affairs who took attention. In December 1577 Drake was ready. With the support of the queen and high officials many rich investors had financed the ships, crews and provisions; the queen put 1.000 pounds in. The fleet (one large ship, Pelican, later re-named Golden Hind, and four smaller ones, c. 160 seamen and a dozen of what they then called “gentlemen adventurers”, in casu “angry, young men” who also had invested in the enterprise) set sail on December 13, 1577 to reach the Strait of Magellan June 20, 1578. There two ships had to be sunk and one captain, Th. Doughty, to be hanged (some say he was beheaded). One ship perished during the passage in the Strait, and a fourth one found it much better to turn around and sail home. That left Golden Hind finding her own lonely way.
  13. Where have all the pirates gone?

    It's great to see a few recognizable screen names back here. For probably the last year there have been about 3-4 of us who occasionally make sure the others are not sewn into their hammocks yet.
  14. The Pub...past, present and future.

    I'm glad to see that there may be a future for this pub. I was literally in tears when I heard she was going to be taken down years ago, but occasional checking kept my spirits up since. I think one great way to get people back is just to reach out to as many pirate reenactment/entertainment groups as possible and let them know it's still here. Many people, even if they've transitioned to different things through the years, still keep in touch with at least a couple of friends they've met through these interests and the word will spread. I'm happy to pitch in a couple of doubloons as well if that becomes an issue (and very happily will buy another T-shirt or similar swag). Beyond being an admin for a large community facebook page, I don't have much skill in that way, but if a server makes reviewing applications/accepting or denying them somewhat foolproof, I'm happy to help out as much as I ever can. I can also help moderate forums and delete spam, etc. So, if more people are needed in that way, please let me know. Arrrgh!
  15. The Pub...past, present and future.

    a lot of facebook groups ask several questions at signup, if they are meaningful, you get approved. But it makes it a manual approval task too. I have to think that a new software update would include some new functions. And yes, its building a whole new base of people again, no matter how you look at it.
  16. The French Cook, 1673

    3. Pottage for Health. Take Capons, cleanse them well, truss them up, and put them in a pot with broth, and cover them, lest the broth do wax black; season them with salt, a little whole pepper, beaten cinnamon, beaton cloves and mace, and seeth them well with store of good herbs (in winter, succory;) then take up garnish with your herbs, viz. with carduus, rub the bottom of your dish with a clove of garlick, and parslie roots or succory, and scalded grapes or carved turnips; and serve.
  17. The Pub...past, present and future.

    I think we'd have to recruit a whole new batch of people to make it work. Many of the folks that were very active here seem to have moved on to other things. (I tried OKing new users for a while, but it's like swimming upstream. In a river coming down from the mountains. After three weeks of heavy rain. So... many... BS bot signups... Seriously, I don't think 'dozens' covered it. It was more like hundreds of crap signups for every (possible) legitimate one. But we really need a new base of users if you want to reenergize the place.
  18. On this day in history...

    June 19 - On this day in 1704, the trial against John Quelch for piracy, robbery, and murder opened in Boston. And the Boston Newsletter reported the following on this day in 1704. "Storms of Wind, with which it Pleased Almighty God to Afflict the greatest Part of this our Kingdom on Friday and Saturday the Twenty-sixth and Twenty-seventh days of November last." The domestic news relates largely to the seizure of Quelch's band of prates. There are also reports of hostile movements of the French and Indians. "Rhode-Island…On the 19. Instant arrived Moses Butterworth in a Sloop from Barbadoes, 22. days passage, came out in Company with the Blackmail man of War, going in pursuit of the Country Briganteen, sent out from Barbadoes, some time before on a Cruise, having 50. of the man of War's men on board her, who instead of Returning, turn'd Pirate, and took an English Ship bound from London to Antigua, robb'd her and let her go : The news being brought from Antigua to Barbadoes, they immediately sent the Blackwall after her." And on this day in 1719, Captain Howell Davis (or Hywel) (or Davies) was ambushed and killed. He was a Welsh pirate. His piratical career lasted just 11 months, from 11 July 1718 to 19 June 1719. His ships were the Cadogan, Buck, Saint James, and Rover. Davis captured 15 known English and French ships.
  19. The Pub...past, present and future.

    Still here! Glad to see the "resurrection"...!
  20. I couldn't resist, tho this is my early kit for Buccaneers...
  21. What does your user name mean?

    I'm MadPete because William Brand is my real name and someone used it already! No seriously, my initials are MAD and people at work called me maddog. Since one of the Beach boys had made this very well known already, I simply came up with my alias Peter Chaaps and the name was combined.
  22. Where have all the pirates gone?

    I think we should reach out to friends and urge them to try it again or anew.
  23. Oct 10th - Tybee Island Pirate Fest

    October 10th 0 October 13th, 2019 - 1 Tybrisa St, Tybee Island, Georgia 31328
  24. Discord Channel

    We used to have a lovely, live feed chat option during the height of the Pub's activity, but it got buggy fast and it crashed a lot after one particular software upgrade (some upgrades being better or worse than others). For those of you that use Discord (which, coincidently, is a great name for a chat service involving a bunch of scoundrels) there is a Discord channel. Stop by anytime. Leave a text message, even if no one is there, or jump on the live channel aptly labeled 'Parlay'. People will likely come and go, so stop by often enough to see who is online. As it grows, we'll schedule 'events' on there to watch movies together and talk shop on various subjects.
  25. The Pub...past, present and future.

    searching frantically for his pub t -shirt...
  26. Where have all the pirates gone?

    We've also lost a few to time and tragedy. Raise a glass.
  27. The Pub...past, present and future.

    Thank you for 'representing'. We're reaching out to various people and recruiting some new moderators. We hope to have enough daily content and replies to keep it going, so find old threads and new and help keep the conversations lively.
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