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  2. Bonjour. Belle trouvaille! Quelle est la source de ce document? On dirait que ça vient de l'archive d'outre mer.
  3. Woodes Rogers Correspondence

    Woodes Rogers Correspondence Author(s): Woodes Rogers, Electronic Enlightenment Project Type: Book - Published: 2008 - Publisher: Unknown This Ebook shown on will not allow me to get it. Can anyone point me to a copy available online?
  4. No Better Place To Be!

    Anyone else feeling overwhelmed and drowning on Social Media? Likewise the numerous sites out there that seem to be iffy? Dare I say I am SO glad that the Pyracy Pub is still up! This forum has been a delight in many ways. And a haven, even refuge, from the madness on Social Media. I do indeed visit this forum from time to time. It's like a relaxing hammock by the sea with a drink in hand and just you while all the other places are like the noisy walls of a debate floor, or a massive casino, or the crappy run-down bar down the street that smells like urine. Thank ye for sticking around.
  5. Upcoming Acts of Pyracy

    A grand idea! Apparently a couple websites that specialize in Piratical events have somewhat... dropped the cannonball. Port Washington Pirate Festival is now called Pirate Family Daze. It appears the new website is under construction because not much is up on the website except for a few necessities like applications and general info. Shall put it up on the forum thread. I think the Pub is still the best place for anything piratical if ye ask me. Glad this forum is still around.
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  7. 18th Century Puddings

    Syllabub is one that I am aware of. More like a whipped cream type dessert, but apparently quite popular.
  8. Pirates of the Caribbean 5!

    Dare I say that I greatly enjoyed PotC: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Aye, I cried. Alright! I bawled! Uncontrollably! It was still quite good. Now, I wonder if there will be a PotC#6. Or so the fandom hopes.
  9. The Boots We Wear (On Bucket Boots)

    Ha ha ha! Probably the oldest debate on this site. By the way, what timeframe were these done?
  10. Salted Horse

    it's the Jacky Faber novel series that I got Salted Horse from, LW
  11. Hi folks I need to know what type of Puddings were eaten in the 18th Century, 1720 to 1750 timeframe?. LW
  12. The Boots We Wear (On Bucket Boots)

    Petee sneaks in Ahoy? Psst... evidence. Looks around, sneaks out.
  13. 18th Century Navies

    well Since my Hard Grimdark Fantasy setting is set in the timeframe of 1720 to 1750, one of my problem is how organized is the Martime Powers?. In our world it was the 18th Century Navies getting there act together in mid to late 18th century, LW
  14. 18th Century Whaling for Oil

    Whaling from 1720 to 1750 timeframe, LW
  15. 18th Century Whaling for Oil

    What are you looking for specifically? In the later 18th Century, the south sea fisheries was beginning to be used for the whalers, though plenty of whaling was still done in the north Atlantic. So, while Moby Dick is set later in the early to mid 19th Century, Melville's experience on a whaler dates a couple of decades earlier, and the real life ship, Essex, which was sunk by a whale went down in the 1820's. Essex was small for a whaling ship of that time, and was in fact launched in 1799. So the experience was probably not a whole lot different than in the latter 18th Century. However, for more specifics I would recommend contacting Mystic Seaport, the Nantucket Whaling Museum, or the New Bedford Whaling Museum (at least for American whaling history-and I'm sure they can point you in the right direction if you're looking for other nationalities). Hope I helped.
  16. 18th Century Whaling for Oil

    Hi I need info on Whaling for Oil in the 18th Century, Moby Dick is 19th Century Whaling for Oil, LW
  17. Singing Prop - What to Do?

    This is probably the wrong page for this inquiry. However, a lot depends on your boat, your engine, what the prop is, and what's causing the 'singing' (vibration, change of engine effort to create the RPMs, etc.). I'd recommend going back and looking in to the solutions provided on the cruiser's forum, or consult a marine mechanic or architect. There are a lot of factors, and 'singing' is not a very helpful description of a problem. Ultimately though, does it propel the boat and is it causing damage?
  18. Pirate fantasy?

    Tons of pirate fantasy stories out there. Treasure Island is a classic, both book and many movies. Really, just check your local library, bookstore or online and there are plenty of fictional pirate stories in book, film and plays. Heck, I've got well over a dozen children's books about pirates for my kids (I've even got more than one pirate Christmas book for them). Most pirate books these days are fictional to a high degree, unless you're reading academic sources (and there are a number of those out there as well). There really is no lack of fantasy pirate stories, as they've been produced in great quantities for well over the past century. Hope this helps, but I'm surprised that you're not able to find anything even on the internet. Additionally, the Pirates of the Caribbean films began over a decade ago, so they're really not the driving forces anymore. Probably Black Sails has more influence these days. I could probably be more helpful if you were more specific about what kind of stories you're searching for. Are you looking for fiction using historical characters? Out of time pirate stories? Space pirates? Pirates vs. Ninjas? Gingerbread Pirates? Plausible yet still fictional pirate stories? I could make recommendations for all these categories and more. If you're just looking for nautical in general, I can help out there as well (can't go wrong with Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin series or Forrester's Hornblower series). Good luck.
  19. Pirate fantasy?

    Hello, I was just thinking the other night, with the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean films, why there hasn’t been a rush of fantasy Pirate stories. The Pirate films are essentially fantasy stories, whilst being set durring a historical point of time, the films feature magic and monsters. Is there any pirate fantasy out there? I think the high seas and pirates have the potential to make some interesting fantasy stories. I’ve read many fantasy titles that do contain a pirate like character, but normally only as secondary characters. Anyone else got any thoughts on this? Please Help. Thanks, I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: Business Marketing Examples
  20. Singing Prop - What to Do?

    Hi, Just had the prop re-pitched to match the engine and now she sings quite loudly at around 1300 RPM. Higher or lower RPM and all is fine. What causes this (I know it has to be related to the pitch angle) and what damage can it cause (if any)? Other than re-pitch, what can be done about it?. Please Help. Thanks, I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: Referral Marketing Examples
  21. Hi to all, my hubby and i ( 30 yr old) are wanting to do sail croatia cruise however not one of the party boats full on 20 year olds! any recommendations on a good one for around 7 days more for relaxing, sight seeing, swimming ect? must have our own ensuite. Please Help. Thanks, I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: Affiliate Marketing Examples
  22. What wool fabric for medieval joined hose?

    I've found Kass to be quite knowledgeable and helpful over at Reconstructing History. They do have some medeival patterns, and if you email them with questions I'm sure you'd get a knowledgeable reply. I, however, am far from an expert in that area.
  23. Hi All: So I've decided to treat myself for my birthday and take my long wanted trip to Key West. After losing my mother last year I just decided to do whatever I want, and since my birthdays are now sad, I thought I would run away for it. First thing's first, I'm flying on Delta, and yes, I'm on a 737 into EYW (one bucket list item crossed out). My travel dates are July 18-22. So, I've booked the flight, and I'm still hotel shopping just in case a friend of mine decides to join me, but I'm leaning toward the Best Western Hibiscus Motel near Duval Street. I'm open to any ideas for a budget conscious traveler going to Key West (an expensive city) for the first time. I am hoping to see a waterspout while I'm there too (another bucket list item). So here are my dilemmas: 1) I land in EYW at 11:39 AM on July 18th. Any ideas on what to do until I can check into any hotel? Maybe a good plane spotting location? 2) Any objections to the Best Western Hibiscus (keep in mind, I just need a clean place to sleep with my own bathroom and close to the activity so I don't need to rely too heavily on quick transportation). 3) What should I check out? 4) Any other advice is welcome! I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: whiteboard animation
  24. Hi there, I'm told its meant to have some stretch but all the fabric I've looked at doesn't stretch much at all. Even if its cut on bias I can't see it stretching enough. Plus I don't know much about fabric. What should I look or ask for and any idea where I might get it? Thanks I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: product launch
  25. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    I'm glad to hear he's backing up the databases. Would it possibly be available one day on a thumb drive, CD or DVD for reference? It might not be a huge calling, but there are some here that would love to be able to look back over the decade of compiled information (especially that which is cited). Even for a nominal fee, and with no specific research or project in mind, I'd be interested in something like that. You know, when you speak to him next...
  26. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    I talked to Stynky a month or so ago and he was having some issue backing up the database so (in Stynky style) he has been putting off the closing of the forum until he can figure out the problems. Like your ghost ship, I imagine we'll just find it missing some day.
  27. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    Well, it's nearing mid October and she still seems to be afloat, albeit seeming like a ghost ship these days. It's still something I open up once in a while out of habit and nostalgia. Cheers to all my shipmates at the pub throughout the years. Coastie04
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