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  2. Davy Jones and Fiddler's Green and Sea Myths

    If you want to go with a historically accurate version then you basically need to be looking at 18th century Christian beliefs about death and the afterlife.
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  4. Davy Jones and Fiddler's Green and Sea Myths

    Yes but what about a Sea going Grim Ripper like Character gathering the Dead in a Coffinship, LW
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  6. Davy Jones and Fiddler's Green and Sea Myths

    If you're looking at heaven/hell, often when I've seen the superstitions, Fiddler's Green is more of a paradise/heaven than Davy Jones' Locker. Some myths state that Davy Jones' Locker is where sailors go if they die at sea, while Fiddler's Green is where they go if they die on land. I generally don't hear of Davy Jones' Locker being necessarily bad, but it isn't the utopia and 'holiday' that Fiddler's Green is made out to be. So if you want to use them as heaven/hell, it would be easier to have FG = Heaven and DJL = Hell. At least that's my two cents worth.
  7. Davy Jones and Fiddler's Green and Sea Myths

    Let's get back On Topic Fiddler's Green and Davy Jones Locker how can I protray Heaven and Hell for Pirates?, LW
  8. Davy Jones and Fiddler's Green and Sea Myths

    We are pretty off-topic here, but I guess we’re not bound the articles anymore… There are tools to automatically download what you are interested in instead of doing it by hand. It still takes some time to do it, but it’s the computer working anyway. I have some parts already stored. PM me if you want a copy. (But, even better would be if a super-user could make a copy of everything, that other users could download!) More off-topic, this is a nice site for tracking pirates and others
  9. Pirates of the Caribbean 5!

    New trailer just dropped. Interesting... we see a young Jack Sparrow. It looks like they're going back to the Well for this one as it has a lot of elements from the first POTC.
  10. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    Arr.. so sad. I often visited these pages. I shall miss them. It has been a long time since my first login here. Thank you to all the contributors for brightening my days.
  11. Davy Jones and Fiddler's Green and Sea Myths

    The more likely explanation is that Stynky is too lazy to take it down. (Trust me, I know Stynky...) Although I've no doubt that when the web page contract expires as Coastie mentioned, it will suddenly disappear. This has the added benefit of insuring that Stynky doesn't actually have to do anything to remove it. I have saved a lot of the files that interested me, although they're in separate Word files and so are a PITA to actually try and sift through unless you know what you're looking for. I mostly saved them to refer to stuff that I can use in writing future Surgeon's Journal articles.
  12. The Boots We Wear (On Bucket Boots)

    There's no challenge in that. The fun for me is in trying to be as PC as possible.
  13. Davy Jones and Fiddler's Green and Sea Myths

    Yep, I check it every so often when I'm actually at my computer. I hope that it's because the information is somehow being compiled and saved, but most likely just waiting for the licenses (or whatever contract term is used for a webpage) to expire.
  14. Davy Jones and Fiddler's Green and Sea Myths

    Still online and working, LW
  15. Casting call for pirates 5

    I'm not too keen. Just seems like a lot of rehash of old stuff. New Trailer just dropped.
  16. Casting call for pirates 5

    BBC just posted an article (about Depps enormous amounts of spending) and called this "Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge." I find that rather odd unless that was the production name and not the official title. It's at the bottom of the article.
  17. Review of Black Sails pilot

    I'm going to see episode 1 of Season 4 soon and I can't wait. This show though not historically accurate or correct in many aspects is still more along the historical vein of true Pirates than anything POTC ever did (which is fine, I still love POTC for the most part). Blood, guts, sex, intrigue, anger (so much anger). I don't mind the cussing and sex but I do appreciate that as the seasons have gone on, they have taken almost all the sex out. Drawing in the audience with T&A and then slowly letting plot and characters take center stage that's pretty clever. I will say that the advertising for this show must be a bit off. There's very few people I've met in my every day life that have ever heard of this show. I've even interacted with some other Pyrates that had never heard of it. I'm very sad S4 will be the last but I'm also very glad that they know when to call it quits and leave us wanting more. I love the fact that this is a prequel to Treasure Island and it adds so much to that classic story that I know we've all read and watched to death. Another funny note, I know one other person that watches this and he's not into Pirates. I made an off hand remark about "atleast this character will live" and he was shocked that I ruined it for him. I had to point out that the character was in Treasure Island and apologized for ruining the plot to a 130 year old book, haha.
  18. Upcoming Acts of Pyracy

    Been away awhile, mates...and now it seems, returned too late... Our 9th Annual NOLA Pyrate Week ~ 24 Mar - 2 Apr, 2017 (New Orleans and across Louisiana, USA) NOLA Pyrate Week - THE Pyratical celebration of history, culture & community in Louisiana. 10 days of swashbuckling, art, music, food, events and general camaraderie among the Pyrates of Louisiana – past & present – and their mates from around the globe! History & culture are a focus with visits to important & interesting sites nearby. It's not all frivolity - we also help out in the community where we're able - Pyrate History Days at local schools & libraries, visiting Seniors, walking dogs, helping local charities and other benevolent/volunteer efforts. This is NOT a "festival", it's a GATHERING o' like minded folks who like to experience real history & culture in the places it actually happened. NOLA Pyrate Week happens every spring at about the same time...last weekend o' March to the second weekend o' April - from New Orleans, to the Prairie & the Bayous o' South Louisiana! (Ye can often find us relaxing at Pirates Alley Café between adventures) ------------------------------------------- We are also planning a more 'typical' event in Southern Ontario (where the Welland Canal meets Lake Erie) - but with a more historical bend than most 'festivals'. Celebrating Pyrates, Privateers and similar adventurers who helped shape trade in the "New World", were crucial in battles like The War of 1812, and roamed anywhere there was water (including the Great Lakes). In other words, all the history that's been mis-written, ignored, buried...and a generous helping o' good fun, treasure and likely a tall tale or two! Meantime, we welcome ye to join us at reenactment & festival events around S. Ontario to be listed via our other websites: The Pyrates Image and The Kinnikinnick Trading Co. - some o' these are just across the border from Buffalo! ------------------------------------------- 39th Annual Canal Days Marine Heritage Festival ~ Aug 4, 5 & 6 Canal Days Marine Heritage Festival (first weekend in August every year) offers activities and attractions for one and all. Vessels gather in Port Colborne each Civic holiday weekend, for a four-day celebration of history and heritage along the canal. From working Tall Ships (and cruises out into the Lake), to Fire Tugs, handmade Canoes to Scale Models...and even a large display of Classic Cars! The whole town gets into the spirit, welcoming more than 300,000 visitors each year! Nestled at the juncture of the Welland Canal and the Lake Erie north shore, Port Colborne is a working marine community, with rich nautical history and welcoming hospitality. At the height of summer, the entire city takes time to celebrate the reasons why this picturesque town has grown and prospered – our marine heritage and our connection to the St. Lawrence Seaway and the seafaring world at large. While the main festival area is packed with fun, join us (just off the canal) at The Marine Heritage Museum - history comes alive with displays, demonstrations & historical merchants & artisans!
  19. Upcoming Acts of Pyracy

    Avast! Been trying to get to this event for some years since we spoke with the fine folks at P.I.B. - always seem to have a conflicting event or some such. MAYBE this year we can swing it and sail across the Lake (we're a darn sight closer now too).
  20. Davy Jones and Fiddler's Green and Sea Myths

    Yet she's being towed to the breaker's yard...
  21. Davy Jones and Fiddler's Green and Sea Myths

    Still Online, LW
  22. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    I suppose I understand why it took so long for my application to be accepted... That's truly unfortunate. I've spent a few years searching this forum for all my wabts in the Twill section concerning my Pirate history. And just as I received my email that I could post so then do I come aboard a sinking ship... Here's my introduction. An imbelishment for sure, but a fun one I assure. Rumor spread quickly that two notorious pirates, Jonathan "Gruesome Grims" Grimuez and Aria "AL" or "The Sea Gypsy" Lane, had joined forces. Grims' three masted Barque, The White Cap, made port in a little known pirate haven. The crew off loaded and made way for the nearest Tavern. While these pirates were well known by rumor, their exploits never took them outside of the Spanish Main. Now in the Caribbean it was time to do what Grims did best. Make an entrance. He set his hat on a table that sat a pirate king, Bartholomew "Black Bart" Roberts, and he knew it. He took his seat and with a heavy Welsh accent Roberts said, "What's yer business boy and why you be at me table?" Grims' smirked and looked a Black Bart. "I hear there be a gatherin' o' pirates. I be a pirate so I be gatherin'" Black Bart looked him and his crew over. "Name?" "Me name's Jonathan Grimuez. Most people call me Jonny or Grims. Some people call me Gruesome Grims. Depends on how you met me. This be me first mate Al the Sea Gypsy..." He's cut off. "Al the Sea Gypsy? Yer sayin' Al and the Sea Gypsy be the same person and Al be a wench?" A dagger sticks the table right between Bart's fore and middle finger. He pulls his hand away slowly and closes his fist. He looks nervously. Grims perks up with a chuckle. "Wanna know who shot holes in me hat? I'll give ya two guesses and the first don't count." Bart looks to Grims. "I hear ya be more like Teach than yer reputation. Nerry killed a man, freed slaves, and taking wench... women in yer crew. I see slaves and women so the former be not hard to believe." Grims looks to Al and winks. He looks back at Bart with a serious look on his face. "Killin' be a sharks game and unfortunately for you, Mr Bart, you be surrounded by sharks." The ring of blades unsheathing sounds more like snakes hissing than swords being drawn. A lengthy fight ensues. Grims holds his pistol tightly but never leaves his seat. Bart and Al engage. He knocks her daggar from her hand and she jumps back onto a table throwing her boot knife into his shoulder. She jumps towards him pulling a hidden fishing knife from the fold in her hat and draws it swiftly across Bart's neck. He crumbles choking. Grims shoots him dead. The fighting ceases. Grims looks around. "There. I killed a man. A pirate King. Now. How many of ya land lubbin' Rum Jacks want to sail under a real captain?" Blades sheath and tables are cleared of bodies. The navigator walks up and asks what to do with the bodies. Grims places his pistol into his belt. "Tie 'em to the masts of Bart's ship and set it adrift. May it be a grim reminder o' the foundin' of Grims' Rapscalions. " So. From the Pahrump Nevada born "Grims' Rapscalions" it was with great excitement that I could meet you all and it is with a heavy heart that I see you all go.
  23. Davy Jones and Fiddler's Green and Sea Myths

    And alas Pyracy Pub heads off to Fiddlers Green...
  24. Farewell Twill

    Thanks to everyone who posted upon Captain Twill. I learned a lot and had hours of fun!
  25. Farewell Twill

    No, however if you go in a leather tricorn and bucket boots AS a scantily clad female pirate that will be fine.
  26. Farewell Twill

    Does this mean I can now go to reenactments in a leather tricorn and bucket boots with a scantily clad 'female pirate', calling myself Captain Twill? It's not like anyone can check my research anymore if I just have a bunch of random pyracy pub on my smart phone to show them :) Oh, and ARRRGH!
  27. Because I still can (apparently)

    Pyracy Pub 2003-2017 Just had to get that extra year in for the record books.
  28. Because I still can (apparently)

    Sorry, this can be removed...
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