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Swivel Guns

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Sebastian Arms

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Posted 09 August 2008 - 01:49 AM

I am looking for recommendations on swivel guns. G Gedney Godwin has an unfinished, unlined brass guns for sale for a decent price. Loyalist arms has one finished and lined (I believe) for sale for a lot more. Has anyone ever purchased one from either of these sources and, if so, what are your opinions. If someone has a better recommendations of sources, I am open for suggestions. I am looking for a gun to mount off a deck and be able to make my opinions known in the wooded valleys and fields behind my house.

Sebastian Arms
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Posted 10 August 2008 - 10:12 AM

Without recieving a response yet on this post .., I'll try to help you out a bit.

I ordered a swivel yoke from G. Gedney Godwin last year. After not recieving it for 3 months ., they contacted me to let me know they wouldnt be getting any from the foundry for an unknown amount of time. It would depend on when enough orders accumulated to be worth a casting session.

The loyalist is a casted iron over a steel pipe. Always be sure to find out on these type of cannons if the pipe is a seemed pipe (A water pipe with a weld for its length) or a DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel) . The Dom is the only liner you want. The water pipe type easily rusts out in short time of usage at the seems (Black powder and substitutes are EXTREMELY and QUICKLY corrosive) once this rusts out .,youve got a real problem and an accident waiting to happen and a non firable cannon. The DOM liner in Cast Iron is a safe and good cannon. With that said ., there is a HUGE differance in prices with cannon. Do you want a Bronze for a swivel ., or will an iron gun cover your needs ?

The Hern Foundry has some really nice cannon for probably the best prices out there. They make a good and safe Iron cannon.

For a Bronze gun you may be interested in talking with Bill at Canadian Cannon Co. Bill will machine you EXACTLY what you want to your specs .
Remember if you choose a thicker round - bar and a smaller bore ....., youll live to shoot another day . If you cheap out with a cannon..., people die. Cannon rule of thumb = Breach needs to be at least 1 caliber thick in all directions . If you build a 1" bore swivel you need at least a 3"diameter breach. if you choose a 2" bore ., that means a 6" breach...., most want the larger bore but a 6" breach is no swivel gun ., thats huge and heavy.., so they get a thinner wall..., please dont do this. Remember guns are up to 3/4" (A shotgun) Cannons start at 1" . A 1"bore is truly a cannon and provides a substantial boom ..., and if its OVERBUILT say a 4"breach to a 1"bore then youve crossed the line into BUFFED. You can load it a bit heavy and be safe ..., now you really booming ! And NO_WORRIES .

For a 3rd idea ,., probably the cheapest way to get a High Quality gun that eliminates the rusty water pipe cannons ., would be a solid steel 3 or 4 inch round bar machined to your liking . Again check with Bill at CCC for his steel cannons . For example Bills 1/5 Scale 24PDR Garrison Tube, Steel would make a fyne swivel with a yoke and tiller.

Remember ., when you die ., your cannon will be owned by someone else..., perhaps your son. He may not be as cannon savvy as you. How would it be if some one you love died because you cheaped out? Go heavy . A bronze gun will cost more ., however you can control the machinist to build what you want. A pre-made pipe and cast iron gun.., is someone elses idea of whats right? AND WILL RUST and become unsafe. BRONZE wont do that.
Bottom line ..., cheapest cannon in a bronze swivel ???? 3 or 3 1/2 "diameter bronze round - bar to a 20-22"length with a 1"bore. If you go bigger Bronze costs alot ., but thats about as small as you can go., be a cannon and be safe ., for ever. Add a yoke and a12"tiller and youve got a nice gun. I hope this helps ., Good luck and what ever you decide ., please always share your cannons with the Pyracy forum members. (We love cannons)
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Posted 14 August 2008 - 04:28 PM

i just bought the english swivel from hearn iron works. it was delivered last monday. it took about 3weeks to get it. it is cast iron with steel liner, 30in. long from the mussle to the end of the casabal, weights 90lbs(back has been hurting for a week now) has a 1 3/4in. bore. no swivel mont included, didn't ask about one. i plan to build a naval carriage to mount it on. it is a very period looking gun, has good weight and with that bore size it will get noticed. and the price was very good even with shipping. in the movie master & commander near the end, when they show crow giving sailing orders to one of his officers there is a swivel gun it the back ground that is what it looks like. hearn made the gun for the movie.

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Posted 15 August 2008 - 07:29 AM

The swivel guns (bronze tube steel lined) made by Osvaldo Gatto in Argentina are on the verge of being imported into the US again. (Previous importer went out of business.)

You can contact:

Lone Star Artillery

Manufacturers Webpage
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