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  • mammothgun2
    That, is a good one !
  • 100 0316
    100 0316
    yup thats the one we won and beat the 3 time winners from the years before. Of course if they were to have a pirate themed one (which this was)  you can bet I will there to take the booty!
  • 103 1319
    103 1319
    even with it on the trailor we could feel the sail wanting to move it
  • 1393075 539895082751543 1055778409 N
    1393075 539895082751543 1055778409 N
    Nice idea for a photo backdrop.  Looks much better than a bunch o' cars in a parking lot.   :)For awhile now I've been noodeling with a nautical scene back drop for use at events. 
  • Buckle
    Nice buckle.  Reminds you of the limited ones produced by Gibbet Jones a few years ago.  

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