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  2. Sea of Thieves

    I generally don't get much action playing with my navel, but I have played Naval Action quite a bit. Not much of late due to my kids restricting my schedule and the game just taking some dedicated, uninterrupted time.
  3. Sea of Thieves

    Is anyone playing Navel Action?
  4. Sea of Thieves

    If nothing else, it was good to see that you're alive, Mister Flint. I hope all is well with you.
  5. Sea of Thieves

    Ahoy captain! It's okay, nothing to write home about. The sailing is pretty realistic, the sword fighting is kind of hard, and the missions are repetitive. I was more excited the first couple of days
  6. The Boots We Wear (On Bucket Boots)

    Then begs the question of whether Condent's men wore bucket boots when riding the Portuguese monks. Though I suppose the print of it shows shoes, so that's a joy kill...
  7. The Boots We Wear (On Bucket Boots)

    I knew it! Horse riders! it's a landlubber thing, isn't it? Aye, Coastie. There's just a few of us who fancy this forum rather than the bombardment of chaos known as Facebook.
  8. Alas...

    This thread is under the subforum for The Pirates and Buccaneers of the Resurrection. So, it's that pirate group that's disbanded. That's what this thread is all about. As to the other... we can only hope so. I'm greatly losing fondness of Facebook & Twitter. I greatly enjoyed the camaraderie of the Pub back in it's hayday.
  9. Utah Pirate Invasion

    The Golden Age of Piracy spanned a small rush of years between 1690 and 1730. During this period, notorious crews pillaged the world's seas and coastlines, taking what they wanted and leaving reputations of death and glory in their wakes. Join us as we celebrate these historic, ofttimes mythic seafarers over two days brimming with presentations, trials, music, contests and immersive pirate history. Come for a day or camp for the weekend (August 4th through the 5th) at Fort Buenaventura. Learn why so many share a love for the mystery and romance of the Golden Age.
  10. Sea of Thieves

    How is it?
  11. The Boots We Wear (On Bucket Boots)

    Yep, it's just a bare bones crew while the pub is in ordinary, preparing to be broken up (yet somehow mercifully saved from the breaker's yard to date). I too still have that T-shirt and it's held up rather well. Long live the Pyracy Pub! Arrrgh!
  12. Sea of Thieves

    Any of you other swabs playing this on Xbox? Just started playing today, looks interesting.

    Pirates will invade Yorktown Va. at the Watermans Museum and Riverwalk Landing, April, 28th. & 29th. 2018. SAT. 10am - 6pm, SUN.12 noon - 5pm.
  14. The Boots We Wear (On Bucket Boots)

    I was looking through my shirt drawer and came across my old Pyracy.Com T-shirt i got from Stinky, thought i would take a look and see if Pyracy. Com was still afloat. To my surprise not only afloat but there was a crew aboard, a skeleton but there. Couldn't believe my eyes, i was seeing posts dates with no year behind them. Hope no one has taken my hammock
  15. The Boots We Wear (On Bucket Boots)

    This thread has been going now for over 12 years, I think that has to be some kind of record. Petee deserves a medal. I need therapy.
  16. The Boots We Wear (On Bucket Boots)

    I'm i reading this right? Is this thing on!!!
  17. The Boots We Wear (On Bucket Boots)

    Among the oldest debate on any pirate forum! Peteeeeeeeee! Man, I've missed you. Image 1, 19th century. Image 2. 18th century, but not showing seamen (judging from the horsewhip I'd say depicting riders).
  18. The Phone-a-Pirate Program

    Revived after nearly 8 years. Niiiice.
  19. It's from the Archives Nationales. See
  20. Alas...

    And which crew would that be? The admin/moderators of this here pub, or one of the specific pirate groups worldwide? And especially if it is the organizers of this masterpiece of pyratical knowledge (both contemporary and original), are there truly murmurings of reorganizing and continuing on with the traditions? It would be grand if it were the case.
  21. The Phone-a-Pirate Program

    I just called Kenny from Kern County Pyrates. He was breaking up because he was driving thru the mountains. I told him this was the Dial-a-Pirate program and he said huh? We talked about the August Utah Pirate Invasion and some of the scheduled events that will hapen there. I think they want to go. its 14 hour drive for them, prolly the same here.
  22. Welcome aboard!

    Welcome aboard, Master Vincentio.
  23. Welcome aboard!

    I am the fellow on the left! The other man in the picture and I are Alee Shriner Pirates. We raise money for the Shriners Children's Hospitals all while have fun sinning on the high seas!
  24. Tsunami Kate

    Today's special is...
  25. Tsunami Kate

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